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Apr 09 2009

Damning Congressional Report On Bank & Real Estate Bailiout

It’s called TARP, which stands for Troubled Assets Recovery Plan. “Troubled Assets” is the euphemistic label given to real estate that was offered to people without sufficient financial capabilities to own the size home they bought due to liberal policies hoisted on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by Rep Barney Frank, Sen Chris Dodd and […]

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Mar 19 2009

The Rising Tide Of Anger At DC

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People are getting rightfully fed up across this nation with the ineptitude of our so-called “national leaders”. They are sure leading the pack in incompetence category! The latest “its not me” round of denial about how 73 people walked away with million dollar plus bonuses culled from taxpayers pockets is a nauseating spectacle. The claims of “we […]

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Sep 26 2008

The Most Important Video To See This Year

Someone has put together the story of how we got into the financial mess we are in, and who has the fingerprints all over it. My only criticism is you need to be a speed reader (which I am) to keep up in real time. But that is why God invented he “pause” button! If […]

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