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Nov 14 2008

Do The Dems Dare Lose The War On Terrorism?

In an interesting addendum to my post below on how far President Bush was able to change the world after 9-11 there is a new poll out from Rasmussen which shows 60% of Americans believe we are winning the war on terrorism. Voter confidence in the War on Terror has reached its highest level ever, […]

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Oct 10 2008

Obama Tried To Stop Victory In Iraq For Political Gain

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! While the global financial markets melt down, some incredible is transpiring in Iraq, the walls of division are literally coming down! Market by market, square by square, the walls are beginning to come down. The miles of hulking blast walls, ugly but effective, were installed […]

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Jul 26 2008

Iraq And Our Fallen Heros – Updated

Senator Obama has made it very easy on John McCain. First off, Obama has flip-flopped on so many issues has he has dumped his liberal base and moved to the center he has take the strategy of becoming an echo of McCain (and Bush) on a host of issues. Here are some prime examples: (1) […]

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