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Nov 05 2013

ObamaCare Implosion: Pay Much More, Get Much Less

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Alternate Title: There Always Was Going To Be Death Panels Watching liberal, activist government crash and burn on Obamacare is both laughable and sad. Laughable because of all the snake oil people fell for because they want hand outs. Sad, because the lesson to be learned here will be painful, and may even be deadly. […]

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Jun 01 2011

Obama’s Death Panels Finally Arrive

The new Medicare incentive from the Obama administration: Cut Costs! The New York Times tries to cover up the core truth about the New Medicare program that is arising from Obamacare. But there is only so much disinformation you can lay on the hard fact that Medicare providers will MAKE MORE MONEY if they restrict […]

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Oct 14 2009

Robert Reich, Death Panel Aficionado

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Finally, someone on the left was honest enough to tell the truth about government rationed health care. The truth that, in order to cut costs and provide better care for many, others will have to go without. Robert Reich, formerly of the Clinton administration, was quite blunt in 2007 when he spoke on the subject […]

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