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Nov 21 2011

BEST’s Lead PhD Confirms AJStrata’s Global Warming Myth Busting

In June of 2010 I posted on a simple experiment I did that indicated to me there was clearly no way any sub-degree global warming could be detected from surface temp records – even from modern surface temperature records. The back of the envelope calculation I did was quite simple. I sampled one day of […]

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Nov 15 2011

Man-Made Global Warming Fades Away

Is the world warming? Why Yes! Ever since The Little Ice Age the world has been recovering from a multi century cold snap and nearing prior historic levels of warmth. The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Climate Optimum).[1] While not a true ice […]

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Sep 12 2010

UK Investigation Completely Debunks Global Warming Science

Summary: This is a long post, but the bottom line is worth the time to read it. Under oath, in front of the House of Commons Committee on Science and Technology, Lord Oxburgh testified that it is impossible to reconstruct an accurate global temperature record over the past 1,000 years. Especially one that could claim […]

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Aug 15 2010

Global Warming Lost In The Noise

When attempting to model complex physical processes one rapidly comes upon the fact that measurements become so noisy you cannot detect and reliable signal in the data.  This ‘noise’ comes from any number of sources, but usually it is caused by the limited accuracy of the measurement device, or the fact even an accurate measurement […]

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Apr 15 2010

How To Manufacture The End Of The World

Major Update At The End! The manufacturing of a non-crisis takes careful consideration and detailed work -and a lot of ignorance or gullibility on the part of the person being targeted with the  faux crisis. The most notorious example of this is of course global warming, where the combination of human ingenuity and cow/pig farts […]

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Apr 07 2010

Slew Of Bad News For Global Warming Hysterics

Its the ‘hysterics’ vs. the ‘skeptics’ on global warming – and the hysterics are losing ground rapidly. Of course it is a failure of their own making, so I have little sympathy. I have been collecting a series of articles that each, in their own right, undermine the already crumbling credibility of the people claiming […]

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Mar 31 2010

Smoking Gun: CRU Data Too Inaccurate To Detect AGW

Ross McKitrick has a long narrative up on how he has attempted to correct the sloppy math and unproven assumptions made by the IPCC and CRU (H/T Bishop Hill).  As you read this you should also be aware that inside the CRU data dump from last fall was a smoking gun document which clearly indicates […]

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Mar 07 2010

Phil Jones & Vice-Chancellor Acton Caught Fibbing to Parliament

I was going to write a post on a disturbing discrepancy in testimony by Phil Jones and Vice Chancellor Acton of the scandal beaten Climactic Research Unit (CRU) at the center of the Climategate emails and files. During their questioning they claimed Sweden, Canada and Poland would not allow them to make public their national […]

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Mar 02 2010

AGW Crashes On Lies, Deceit & Arrogance – In Front Of UK Parliament!

Watching Phil Jones testify to the UK’s Parliament yesterday and claiming how ‘Climate Scientists’ are the only scientists in the world who do not follow the scientific method of openness, transparency, skeptical analysis and independent validation is stunning enough. Everyone should know you cannot have ‘scientific consensus’ when the scientific method is not even applied. […]

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Mar 01 2010

Man-made Global Warming Claims First Victims, Including 2 Year Old

Al Gore is a pompous ass who now has three deaths on his shoulders, as do all the alarmists who tried hide the fact their theories are not holding up to scrutiny in the form of legitimate challenges from skeptics (H/T Gateway Pundit): A seven-month-old girl miraculously survived alone for three days after one of her […]

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