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Nov 29 2009

CRU Raw Temp Data Shows No Significant Warming Over Most Of The World

Bottom Line – Using two back-of-the-envelope tests for significance against the CRU global temperature data I have discovered: 75% of the globe has not seen significant peak warming or cooling changes between the period prior to 1960 and the 2000’s (significance being a rise above 0.5°C threshold, which is well within the CRU’s own stated […]

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Nov 25 2009

Wow, CRU Admits Little Evidence Of Recent Warming

Well, in their desperate need to backpedal from the CRU Climategate, CRU is all of sudden become quite skeptical of global warming!  First let me remind folks that the Little Ice Age ‘just ended’ (in geologic time) less than 200 years ago. It is no surprise the Earth has been warming since then. The last major […]

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Nov 24 2009

Scratch Another Obama Czar

Ouch – Climategate reaches into the White House as Obama’s Science Czar is discovered in those CRU emails, possibly helping to silence global warming critics (with real science on their side). Now that will make for an interesting congressional hearing! Update: The investigations have begun!

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