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Feb 08 2010

Over 80% Of Americans Disapprove Of Liberal Democrat Congress

Major Update Below 2nd Major Update: All previous major updates are still below at the end, but this Rasmussen poll has to be at the top: Voters are madder than ever at the current policies of the federal government. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 75% of likely voters now say they […]

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Nov 11 2009

Voters Rejecting Those Crazy Democrats

Updates Below! Obama was supposed to be a post partisan leader who could bring the people together. Instead he has been an inexperienced shill for those whacky liberals in DC. And Americans are taking notice. The backlash against the liberal policies being pushed by Obama and Democrats is growing wider and deeper. But first, a […]

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Nov 06 2009

Liberal Take Over Of Health Care Losing Steam

Between the backlash of the independents against the Democrats in Tuesday’s historic elections and the bad news on the unemployment today it is not surprising the Democrat caucus is losing the moderate democrat support for the destruction of our nation’s health care system with a government rationed, costly health care system: A House leader says […]

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Aug 08 2009

Democrat Congressman Yells At Concerned Constituent For Asking About Health Care

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The liberals can whine and cry about the angry mob all day long, but this video proves the lie: This doctor asked a reasonable question and the one yelling and angry was the liberal congressman being asked to respond in public. The congressman of course support government run health care, but he is clearly angry […]

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Jun 02 2009

Another Sign The Liberal Economic Experiment Is Failing

It is a damning sign of the breadth of failure we are experiencing with the liberal experimental policies hoisted on the nation by the Democrats in Congress and President Obama’s administration that the list of indicators of failure is so long it takes massive posts to list them all. I started with the long post […]

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May 12 2009

Pelosi To Be Investigated Over Water Boarding

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Update: Oh pulleeaze! The liberal Democrats who wanted a witch hunt into the CIA and its interrogation efforts to save this country from attack should have known they were treading on thin ice AND would pay a huge price for being wrong if America sided with the CIA and President Bush. Now the Dems are […]

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May 08 2009

AJStrata Has Been “Deputized” By Congress! – Updated

Update: Ed Morrissey notes (H/T reader Darth Aggie) that the only reason the April numbers were not the 6th month of 600,000+ job losses is because 72,000 low paying, temporary census jobs hid the true toll of the lack of any federal stimulus. These few gains were offset by adjustments for previous months were more […]

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Mar 30 2009

Far Right Still Blowing It

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It seems the Keystone Kops of DC right now include a fair contingent of the far right GOP, who are once again insulting potential allies, offering up stupidly vague platitudes and simply continuing the same crap that led them into the political wilderness of the fringes and out of power. Example 1: The Obama administration […]

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Feb 14 2009

Here Is Congress Creating Wealth – For Themselves

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Think Congress is on your side, looking out for your interests and that of your families? Sorry, but the reality is they are as greedy as any business CEO: People who wonder how elected officials come to Congress on modest means and retire wealthy should study Rep. Grace Napolitano of California.  Few have found campaigning as […]

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Nov 08 2008

Burn-Out Open Thread

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Folks, after weeks of working at a frantic pace AND blogging about the upcoming election you can tell my posts have been few. Sadly there is nothing that really interests me in the news, which is the worst way to experience the post election world right now. From the ground things are well back to […]

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