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Jun 07 2016

Is Media Crafting An Excuse For Hillary Losses Today?

Yesterday the political news media pulled the wind out of the last primaries of the season, including in California. By prematurely claiming Clinton had enough delegates, the news media just told Hillary supporters in these last primaries to “stay home”. Why do this? Bernie may not be able to win the nomination outright, but the […]

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Jul 04 2014

Obama Pushing California Back Into GOP Camp

Obama’s lame duck madness does not seem to be abating, but it does seem to be backfiring. Obama has clearly gone all Imperial – jettisoning all pretense that he recognizes and respects (let alone defends) the checks and balances of our laws and constitution. His frustration with having to work with people of diverse beliefs […]

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Jul 13 2009

California Unemployment Is Skyrocketing, Dems Spend Millions On Mouse

The Liberal Democrats are best experienced during times of hardship – where decisions and priorities actually count. When things are rosy and we have money to invest their fantasies seem quaint, and who can argue about absolutes like ‘protecting the environment’, even though clichés are really just lazy ways to deal with tough challenges and problems by […]

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Apr 19 2009

Obama’s And The Congressional Democrats’ Achille’s Heel

Bumped To Top For The Weekend There has been a slow moving train wreck in progress for months now, where the American people’s anger and frustration is on a collision course with Democrat policies enacted under President Obama. It is definitely not the poor picked on conservatives carping about government oppression from DHS – but […]

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Sep 23 2008

Is California In Play?

OK, this would be a stretch and a shocker to the dems, but there seems to be some indications CA may fall into the battleground state category: But Republicans aren’t giving up on California. California Republican Party chief operating officer Bill Christiansen said some private polls put the two candidates within five points of each […]

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