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Dec 28 2009

Back To The Naive 9/10/01 Mentality – America At Risk From Left Wing Denial

I think the American people have had a serious wake up call with the specter of a Christmas Day Massacre in the skies over Detroit. I, like countless other Americans, was flying with my entire family around this holiday season, and the idea that we could have all perished as a result of the incompetence […]

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Oct 27 2009

New Threat For Islamo Fascists

You can always tell who the enemy is of the Islamo Fascists – they bomb their enemy’s innocent citizens into oblivion (they could never wage an up front war as honorable warriors). From Iraq this week we learned who and what is the current greatest threat to Islamo Fascism: As the floodwater from broken water […]

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Sep 17 2008

Message From Terrorist: We Still Want To Kill Americans

Yesterday Islamo Fascists sent America a message about the world we face: Attackers exploded a vehicle bomb outside the main gate of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen on Wednesday in what appeared to be a well-coordinated assault that triggered more explosions and heavy gunfire around the compound. Yemen’s official Saba news agency said 16 people […]

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