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Aug 12 2008

Obama Gets Faux “Olympic Bounce” In Polls

Obama’s Olympic Bounce in the polls is not good news. I had predicted Obama sinking a bit in the polls before the Democrat election, and so far the opposite has happened (check the RCP poll average and the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll). OK, normally I should be dishing up some crow to chow down on […]

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Aug 11 2008

Olympic Open Thread II

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Boy, it was definitely worth staying up to see the 4×100 m men’s free relay last night. The trash talking French are now eating good ol’ American crow! The man of the day is not Phelps, but one Jason Lezak who tore down the last 50 meters and stunned the world! A big Strata Salute […]

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Aug 10 2008

Olympic Open Thread

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I doubt if I will be posting continuously about the Olympics, but feel free to knock yourselves out debating them here. Maybe we can all find common ground to agree on? I will say Micheal Phelps is a swimming machine, his performance in the IM was awesome.

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