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May 14 2010

Assassination Of An American Citizen Is Illegal & Unconstitutional

The Bush administration was raked over the coals, unfairly in my opinion, for recognizing how our national security guidelines allowed terrorists free reign once inside our borders prior to 9-11, and for taking steps to correct this deadly problem. The left-wing nuts went ape over the changes President Bush instituted, changes which required the Attorney […]

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May 31 2009

“Pro-Lifer” Scott Roeder Linked To Operation Rescue

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Major Update: The Washington Post is reporting that Scott Roeder is one of those pathological zealots in the pro life movement who have no problem killing ‘murderers’: Scott Roeder, identified Sunday as a possible suspect in the slaying of prominent Kansas late-term abortion provider George R. Tiller, is known in anti-abortion circles as a man who believes […]

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May 31 2009

Damned “Right To Life” Extremists! – Updated

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Update: Despite the denial on the right and the ranting of leftward nuts like Andrew Sullivan – who is raging about all Christians as if they do nothing but murder people – there is a rational ‘center’ to this horrific news, best illustrated by a commenter at Gateway Pundit: Despite peoples’ wishes, I think we’re […]

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