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Apr 10 2009

NASA Admits Artic Global Warming Not CO2 Driven

When the Chicken Little Priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC scream the sky is falling without CO2 Cap & Trade energy taxes, it is helpful to note that NASA’s data doesn’t support their claims. Especially now. First off, realize CO2 is only a tiny fraction of the so called IR Radiative Green House Gas […]

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Feb 27 2009

Another Volcano, This Time In The Antarctic, May Be Cause Of Ice Melt

  Update: An updated link from Reader Neo, which includes a cool graphic. Here’s an important item: Heat from a volcano could still be melting ice and contributing to the thinning and speeding up of the Pine Island Glacier, which passes nearby, but Dr. Vaughan doubted that it could be affecting other glaciers in West […]

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Jun 26 2008

Global Warming – Or Simply Massive Under Sea Volcanoes? – Updated!

Keep Checking Back For Updates Below! One of the disconnects the Church of Al Gore/IPCC has yet to address regarding so-called Global Warming is why is it the Arctic ice extent is receding (thus all the chicken-little screams) while the Antarctic ice extent is growing at historic rates. Given the fact CO2 levels are ubiquitous […]

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