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May 15 2013

Obama/Holder Bit By The Bush-FISA Fiasco

I have to laugh that Obama & Holder both just got nailed for snooping on the News Media by the very same conspiracy crap the liberal left tried to nail President George W Bush on! Back in Bush’s first term, the NY Times tried to concoct a scandal for George W Bush on the FISA […]

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Jul 28 2008

I Am Stunned – AP Announces US Victory In Iraq

I saw this over at Gateway Pundit and nearly fell off my chair. Again I will have to violate my ban on AP simply because this is just a stunning report (You may need to wait for it to load – seems to be a very popular video): “But it is beginning to look more […]

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Jun 17 2008

Teaching A Lesson To The News Media – AP As The Sacrificial Lamb

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Bloggers, like me, are voicing their views and commentary on the news (and falsehoods, etc) of the day as is our right under the constitution.  When a corporation tries to tell me I cannot comment, criticize (and more often correct) their lousy product I lose all interest in being reasonable.  There are lines you do […]

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Jun 16 2008

No More AP Links

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Sorry folks, but the AP is threatening bloggers who note their stories and try and send their readers to those same AP stories. So, with tons of other (and more reliable) sources out there I probably will not be using any AP crap (er, stories) in my posts for the foreseeable future.  You can see […]

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