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Jan 21 2012

South Carolina Will “Newter” Mitt’s Cake Walk To Nomination

I am looking forward to tonight’s election results, because it looks like Newt Gingrich is going to have a big night. Nate Silver at Five-Thirty-Eight provides a solid analysis on what is happening: Much of the reason for the relatively clear lead for Mr. Gingrich is that he has very clear momentum in the race. […]

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Jul 08 2009

Rumors Of Palin’s Political Demise Are Wrong

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We are 3 years away from the 2012 elections, 3 years of abysmal economic conditions. And this far out, Governor Palin is clearly capable of winning the nomination and the Presidency: Palin’s complaints about unfair treatment by the news media resonate with many respondents. Three-fourths of Republicans, more than half of independents and a third […]

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Jun 07 2009

Palin Power Still Very Potent

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Sarah Palin is the probably the best hope for defeating President Obama in 2012. While Obama’s tragic economic missteps are just now beginning to sow the seeds of a voter backlash, Palin is still able to mobilize 20,000 Americans on a sleepy June Saturday in a small town upper New York State. Her speech at […]

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Feb 25 2009

Bobby Is No Sarah

From what I hear about the GOP response by Governor Bobby Jindal last night it is clear Bobby is no Sarah. I know lots of my readers are resisting Palin in 2012, but there is an elephant in the room when it comes to who could challenge a bruised and beaten Obama in the next […]

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Dec 06 2008

Huckabee And Palin Tied For Lead In 2012 Race

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I have no desire to start blogging the 2012 elections yet (not even the 2010). But I do find it interesting that two popular and somewhat moderate Governors are topping the GOP list of 2012 presidential contenders: hirty-four percent of Republicans and independent voters who lean towards the GOP say they are very likely to […]

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