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Apr 22 2006

Left Wing Jumps To McCarthy’s Defense

*** update at end: McCarthy was Larry Johnson’s Boss *** In a sign that is surely not good for Mary McCarthy, the far left is coming to her defense to leak secrets and calling for the serious, professionals at CIA to be censured: Robert David STEELE Vivas, a career intelligence officer who went on to […]

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Apr 22 2006

The Leak Investigation Is Huge

The Washington Post confirms my suspicions on how Mary McCarthy was detected through a series of polygraph tests (not the ‘gotcha’ single round you would see in a sting). CIA officials said the career intelligence officer failed more than one polygraph test and acknowledged unauthorized contacts with reporters. The “officer knowingly and willfully shared classified […]

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Apr 21 2006

CIA Leaker Leaked Multiple Times

To avoid adding to an already cluttered post I will simply note the NY Times is reporting that Mary McCarthy, the CIA officer fired for leaking information on CIA secret prisons to the Washington Post, may have leaked more than once and on more than one subject: Intelligence officials speaking on the condition of anonymity […]

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Apr 21 2006

NSA Leak Investigation Nabs First Criminal

*** Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! Make sure to check out the links coming in to the comments to see what other bloggers are saying on this matter. *** Update: Keep an eye on the comments for links coming in from readers and other blogs. This comment a Free Republic is also quite intriguing. Note: BTW, […]

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