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Sep 10 2005

NY Times Exposes Democrat Hypocrisy

Color me stunned. An Op-Ed in the NYTimes today explores all the hypocrisy by the democrats in ranting about the federal response before and after Katrina. It is a laundry list of decisions made for political gain and not for strategic, preventive planning. Congress has finally sprung into action. It has bravely promised to investigate […]

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Sep 10 2005

Nagin Finally Faces Criticism

I am not sure why it is happening, the some in the media are starting to challenge Nagin, and hopefully soon Blanco, on how they totally screwed up. Today’s Washington Post tries to sugar-coat some incredible statements and events which should give a lot of people pause. Mayor C. Ray Nagin created many new friends […]

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Sep 09 2005

CNN Has An Honest Interview

This is one of those priceless moments when CNN has all its hype thrown back in its face during a live interview with a true American. Here is the post over at Redstate, and a small snippet to entice folks to go chech out this exchange with Soledad O’Brien and a New Orleans resident: LABARRE: […]

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Sep 08 2005

Democrats Hiding Crimes Of Katrina

UPDATE III: Ed Morrissey has more on this topic here, where it is clear the Red Cross and the Salvation Army had the ability to avoid death at the Superdome and the Governor of Louisiana balked – for ridiculous reasons. As we said before, it is not the plan was for a passing hurricane, it […]

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Sep 07 2005

Katrina’s Legacy Of Ill Will

UPDATE: I have corrected my timeline based on the timeline established by Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House – I was off by 12 hours regarding levees failing. But the 36 hours to act is still valid. To underline how far out on a limb the media and democrats have gone let’s review two […]

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Sep 04 2005

Nagin And Blanco

UPDATE: From someone on the front lines, who knows where the system failed, please read this from a family that survived and sacrificed in the face Katrina. END UPDATE: Folks, I left the yard to the teenager in need of money all summer – so I need to go beat back the jungle that has […]

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Sep 03 2005

Politics of Katrina: Defend The Rescuers

As everyone can tell here, and across the net, the politics of Katrina has erupted on the left and in the media-formally-known-as-mainstream. Captain Ed Morrissey has probably done the right thing, he is focusing on helping and has a ban on the discussion of politics in this event. I will have plenty to say later […]

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Sep 02 2005

CNN Sinks In The Muck, Blocks Rescues

CNN has been become the poster child of liberal insanity. They might as well be the Democrat Underground Media Broadcasters (you do the acronym). First Solidad O’Brien perpetuated the stupid complaint there was no air drop of food and supplies in New Orleans – like you could drop food in a city through the tall […]

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Sep 02 2005

10,000 Or More Dead in LA

I am not surpised that 10,000 people may have died in the path of Katrina in Lousianna, but I am still stunned in my soul at the number [from Drudge]. US Senator David Vitter said that the death toll from Hurricane Katrina could top 10,000 in Louisiana alone. “My guess is that it will start […]

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Sep 02 2005

Katrina Was Unexpected

For all those on the left trying to villify the President and his administration by using Katrina’s death and destruction as your soap box – I suggest you be careful. Making these kinds of claims and then having them proven wrong, and vile, will result in a backlash like you have never experienced. It is […]

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