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Nov 18 2005

Able Danger and Iraq

Mac Ranger has heard something that tells him Able Danger is going to explode into the open, applying generous helpings of egg to the faces of the democrats, media and 9-11 Commission. The hint Mac Ranger lays out is Able Danger connected the 9-11 terrorists to Iraq somehow. This is not surprising actually. The purging […]

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Nov 17 2005

Able Danger Update, 11/17/05

Weldon has made some serious progress in rallying Congress to his side apparently: Lawmakers join Weldon in calling for testimony on Able Danger By Roxana Tiron Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.) has gathered at least 202 Congress members’ signatures for a request that participants of an intelligence cell that may have identified some of the Sept. […]

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Nov 10 2005

Able Danger: Pentagon For Real?

Updates below – keep coming back and checking the end for new information I’m back! Weldon’s timing is horrific – as usual. The same day the oil execs are testifying he schedules a news conference. No way the media-previously-known-as-mainstream is going to pre-empt big oil on the witness stand (so to speak). There has been […]

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Nov 08 2005

Able Danger Alert

Topdog was kind enough to pass on this alert about a pending news conference tomorrow (November 9th) by Rep Curt Weldon. The latest findings include: information Able Danger provided to defense officials about terrorist activity in the Port of Aden prior to the terrorist attack on the USS Cole back in October 2000; a discovery […]

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Nov 07 2005

What If Able Danger?

The stunning news that a Chinese intelligence outfit has been rolled up in Los Angeles, and which operated there for 15 years! Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring, federal investigators said, and the suspects caused serious compromises for 15 years to major U.S. weapons systems, including submarines and […]

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Oct 26 2005

Able Danger, Slade Gorton Returns!

TopDog has a post on the return of Slade Gorton claiming again Able Danger was, and is still, irrelevant: Slade Gorton claims to already know the results of the Senate Intelligence Committee proceedings. He says they will agree with him – that Able Danger was historically insignificant. That it “didn’t have anything to do with […]

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Oct 21 2005

Able Danger, China and DIA 10/21/05

After Curt Weldon’s blistering attack on the DIA and tried to find out who was deputy director during those years. While I have not found that information (yet) I did find out a few things. First off, the DIA Deputy Director position is a civilian position and possibly an appointee – and that would make […]

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Oct 19 2005

Weldon Goes Ballistic

UPDATE: QTMonster has the transcript of Weldon on Michael Savage’s show prior to his floor speech (which is where Pedro – who gave me the heads up – had heard about the firestorm Weldon planned to unleash.) END UPDATE Michelle Malkin is correct when she says Weldon went ballistic tonight on the House floor. My […]

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Oct 09 2005

Able Danger, A New Voice Speaks! 10/09/05

Lo and Behold! We have a new voice speaking on the subject of Able Danger – someone never before heard from: Rep. Curt Weldon, Pennsylvania Republican, correctly asserts the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, could have been averted. The assertion was based on his efforts as early as 1999 to create a […]

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Oct 05 2005

Able Danger, Senate Report, 10/05/05

Rowan Scarborough has a story out today in the Washington Time which claims the Senate Intelligence Committee will be producing a summary report on Able Danger in the coming weeks: The Senate Intelligence Committee has taken closed-door statements in an inquiry that could clear up whether the intelligence program Able Danger identified September 11 hijacker […]

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