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Apr 07 2011

WI Race About To Turns Around

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Update: How expected! Prosser gains 7,300+ votes and AJStrata confirms unofficial vote tallies are rarely good to within +/- 1% (see below). Which means be patient – this could twist some more as the error is driven out of the count. Right now though, that is a huge lead for Kloppenburg to overcome (~0.5% of […]

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Sep 04 2010

The 3 Most Important Races Of This Year – Where To Focus Our Energies

I noted yesterday that the the anti ‘big government’ wave building in the country was about to make control of the senate hinge on 4 senate races: WI, WA, IL & CA. Right on queue, Jonathan Martin at Politico comes out with a nearly identical assessment: Control of the U.S. Senate increasingly appears to hang […]

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Nov 02 2008

Early Voting In Wisconsin Is NOT Giving Obama Or Dems An Edge

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If the early voting trends are a hint of what is to come on Tuesday then the news is not great for Obama. In Wisconsin (deep blue normally) early voting is up – across the board. It is up by 25% in democrat heavy big cities, and up 40-50% in GOP havens outside the cities: […]

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