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Jul 22 2008

America Starting To Believe In Victory In Iraq

I meant to post this a few days ago, but a Rassmussen tracking poll question on who is winning in Iraq has seen huge reversals since last year, when the SurrderMedia and Surrendercrats in Congress were promising certain defeat: Nearly half of Americans (48%) now believe the United States and its allies are winning the […]

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Jul 21 2008

Leading Anti-War Democrat Admits He Was Wrong On Iraq

Lanny Davis is no GOP right winger, in fact he has been a voice of doubt on the Iraq War from the beginning. And yet, this died-in-the-wool liberal has had an epiphany on the Iraq War: Maybe another democracy, however imperfect, other than Israel in the Middle East could lead to more moderation, possibly other […]

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Jul 17 2008

If One Looks At Basra We Can See The Future Of Iraq – We Are Heading Towards Victory

Remember Basra, Iraq? That was the initial phase of Prime Minister Maliki’s efforts to take final control of Iraq and begin his march to eradicating the last of the insurgents. Basra, the second largest city in Iraq, was being run by the Shiite Mahdi Militia. And when the city was not controlled in a day […]

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Jul 14 2008

Victory In Iraq

While others have been hesitant to call Iraq a victory up until recently, I felt the die was cast months ago (actually over a year ago). When the Sunni Muslims took the extraordinary step to wage war on al-Qaeda, and ally with the Iraq and US government efforts and forces, there seemed little chance of […]

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Jul 14 2008

Obama Grasps For Life Line On Iraq

Obama is looking as quite the lost soul. Based upon news reports Prime Minister Maliki would like to consider a timeline for the successful withdrawal of our forces from Iraq, now that Maliki believes victory is at hand, Obama is trying to claim is calls for surrendering Iraq to al-Qaeda now make sense. THE call […]

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Jul 11 2008

Military Security Specialists Pan Obama’s Unconditional Surrender In Iraq

It is becoming quite clear Barrack Obama is going to have to admit defeat on his plans to surrender unconditionally in Iraq. The facts on the ground are pressuring him to get real on this matter, and cause another break with his already fed up base: Military personnel in Iraq are following the presidential race […]

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Jul 06 2008

The End Of al-Qaeda In Iraq

Iraq did what we wanted it to do. When we invaded Iraq we did many things (removed a dictator who had ties to al-Qaeda and preposition arms in embassies across Europe to arm al-Qaeda sleeper cells for one), but one of the most important goals of the invasion was to divert al-Qaeda’s attention. Liberal Surrendercrats […]

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Jul 05 2008

We Are Ready To Finish The Job In Iraq With Victory

Look, there are two camps inside America when it comes to Iraq. Those who want to runaway in defeat as soon as possible and those who are working and succeeding to finish the job with victory. Those who want to cut and run are not in the military – they hand-wring from the sidelines, pretending […]

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Jul 02 2008

Victory In Iraq Is Close At Hand!

The Surge and Awakening that hit Iraq last year (in the face of dour predictions from Democrats that Iraq was a failure, the Surge was a failure, etc) has succeeded, victory is at hand. The Surge had many goals, nearly all of which have been met, according to a US State Department Government Report on […]

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Jun 30 2008

OMG, Liberal Media Realizes Obama Is Wrong On Iraq!

This New Yorker article on Iraq and Obama’s idiotic plans to surrender to al-Qaeda there, despite all our hard won successes, is just stunning. First, it recognizes the work that made the sea change in Iraq possible – though in typical liberal faction it credits ‘luck’ instead of determination to win, and the sacrifices made […]

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