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Oct 12 2013

What Can We Learn From Shutown Theater & Obamacare’s Failed Debut?

One thing to take away from the last two weeks is how right the GOP was to warn the country of the pending doom to our Health Care System from the evolving ObamaCare  debacle. They were so right to try and stop what Obama is doing to individuals and families across this country. So right. […]

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Oct 07 2013

Why Was Obamacare (Now ObamaCrash) Website Outsourced To Overseas Company?

One thing is clear, the #ObamaCare roll out has turned into the #ObamaCrash. From what I am reading on the tech side of things (and computer systems for NASA and DoD are my business area) the problems seem to be a case of hiring the wrong company for the job. In this WSJ article, the […]

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Aug 08 2013

ObamaCare: A Liberal Debacle For The Ages

As a small business owner – and joint head of a family of 6 – the disaster that is ObamaCare is truly stunning.  As business owners we are lucky to have much more flexibility than most people. We decide on the price point we will spend as a company verses an employee (we are both […]

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Apr 09 2013

Stumbling, Bumbling Into 2014

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Looks like Team Obama is going to have an Obamacare headache come 2014, thanks in no small part to the fact government solutions are always costly, always delayed and always much less than promised. One thing the left has never realized is that their obsession with government run solutions is their greatest political Achilles’ Heel. […]

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Mar 27 2013

Obamacare Will Expand Health Care … COSTS!

Guess what! Obamacare has expanded one thing – the cost of health care for everyone! In a report that could prove a big political headache for the administration, the Society of Actuaries estimated Tuesday that insurers will have to pay out an average of 32 percent more for claims on individual health policies under the Affordable […]

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Dec 29 2012

Compasionate Death Panels

The fact is, the big-government liberals need to find more money to fund their risky and chaotic fantasies (reference the mortgage meltdown that led to the 2008 Great Recession as one example of liberal devastation, and the mountains of Obama-Debt piling up on our children and their children as another example). They are borrowing $1.4 […]

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Jun 28 2012

Obamacare Goes Down Today? No!

Update: Here it comes! The Affordable Care Act stands??? Good bye America, I barely knew you. Now we need Romney more than ever… – end update I am in meetings this morning and will not be able to post immediately on the news, but there seems to be a consensus view that Obamacare will be […]

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Jun 12 2012

Lefty Orwellian’s Censor Free Thought, Free Speech – And Prove Healthcare Can Be Taken Away

Long title, but lots of disturbing incidents have been occurring in this country recently. Apparently in the State of Oregon free thought and free speech are now under attack from The State – bringing the apt comparison to Islamo Fascism and their usual approach to debate (i.e., destroy the dissenters). Read this story and wonder […]

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Mar 27 2012

SCOTUS Pounds Foundation Of Obamacare

Updates Below News from today’s hearings on Obamacare at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) indicate Obamacare took a pounding.  CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin was especially shaken: According to CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, the arguments were “a train wreck for the Obama administration.” “This law looks like it’s going to be struck down. […]

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Nov 09 2011

Cain Puts HIs Troubles Behind Him

For those who watched Cain’s press conference on the sexual allegations I can pretty much assume those outside the Beltway with an open mind (sorry libs, that leaves you out) are good with his statements and already are moving on. There are no facts behind the allegations, and calls to address trumped up charges in […]

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