Jun 28 2012

Obamacare Goes Down Today? No!

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Update: Here it comes! The Affordable Care Act stands???

Good bye America, I barely knew you. Now we need Romney more than ever… – end update

I am in meetings this morning and will not be able to post immediately on the news, but there seems to be a consensus view that Obamacare will be significantly damaged today, if not completely destroyed.

Liberals (like E. j. Dionne) will wail and complain about democracy at work (Dionne called for Scalia to resign yesterday). It will be a sad parade of blaming others for their very unpopular socialist policies. Being the smartest people on the planet, the left will of course miss the point they are the ones who screwed up trying to shove their minority, naive view down the throats of a savvy, independent, American electorate.

These historically brilliant people missed the message of 2010, so I see no reason for them to get it now in 2012.

Anyway, either I will be eating crow come lunch or popping some champaign, and I am sure everyone is ready to get this thing over with, so have at it in the comments!

Update: Don’t buy the canard newly established norms in healthcare will immediately be pulled. Insurance companies know damn well if an aspect of Obamacare is popular they dare not remove it now, because their competitors will simply pick up a sizable chunk of their customers. So don’t buy into that Chicken-Little nonsense.

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