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May 23 2010

Liberal Zealots Took Control Of America’s National Security Before Obama’s Inauguration

Updates At The End One thing that has bothered me throughout the recent incidents of terrorism inside the United States on President Obama’s watch is why more people are not raising alarm bells on how dysfunctional our national security has become? Where are those dedicated souls whose primary goal in life is protecting this nation […]

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Jan 08 2010

Classified Ft. Hood Massacre Report Is Also Damning

As the repercussions of the disastrous news concerning how our new national security team screwed up (why didn’t anyone ask about why these people were wasting time with the war on global warming??) continue to reverberate CBS News is reporting on disturbing results in the still classified Ft Hood post-action report: Less than a month after […]

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Jan 01 2010

When Blogging Impacts National Security

I was absolutely furious with the NY Times when it ran a deceptive article in December 2005 on the changes to FISA made by President Bush to untie the hands, remove the gags and take off the blind folds from our national security defenses. I noted the faults with the story instantaneously and spent years […]

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Sep 06 2009

Separation Of Church And State = Separation Of Politics And Education

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One thing you have to love about the far left is their utter incoherence. They railed against President Bush allowing the NSA to pass on to the FBI contacts between known enemies outside the US with individuals inside the US without court order after 9-11. In other words, Bush allowed the NSA to be the […]

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