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Nov 08 2011

Will Cain Smite Down His Latest Accuser Today?

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  LOL Upudate! OK, this really is a pathetic joke. One of the accusers works for the Obama administration: Karen Kraushaar currently serves as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she has held since last year. She did not return phone messages left by The Daily. What […]

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Oct 20 2011

Cain Way Ahead In Iowa – News Media Struggles With 9-9-9 Math

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Cain is turning the Political Industrial Complex on its head these days. He has come out with an exciting and potentially life saving (from an economic perspective) plan to toss out the current, busted tax code and replace it with his massively stimulating 9-9-9 plan. But there is more good news about him. When it […]

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Oct 16 2011

David Loses To Cain On Meet The Press

Herman Cain’s debut on MTP was huge success today. His position on the issues was solid and bold, but David Gregory provided a huge bonus. Gregory provided the ultimate liberal-media foil – a clueless, math challenged and arrogant member of the Political Industrial Complex. When Cain tried to explain that State Taxes were unchanged under […]

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Oct 14 2011

Libertarian Tea Party Movement Is Alive & Kicking

As the above poster notes, Big-Government is a joke. The bureaucracy and its pet processes have expanded to the point government has become mostly incompetent (except the military, which has a clear and unwavering command structure that keeps individuals from diluting the purpose and focus of the overall group). Big-Government incompetence is everywhere – and […]

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Oct 13 2011

Cain Surprises GOP Establishment, Which Lamely Fires Back With Robamany

Update: Cain Surges ahead in FL 34-28 over Romney. What I think people did not expect was how Palin’s departure from the race would completely up end the standings. Because if you are a Palin supporter, you were never going to go for Romney. – end update The Tea Party movement – that libertarian spark […]

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Oct 12 2011

It’s Herman-Time!

It looks like not only is the GOP field of Presidential contenders settled, so too is the likely GOP nominee and next POTUS. Herman Cain continues to grow in strength because of what he is not – a cautious career politician. Last night I saw both the liberal media establishment AND the GOP political establishment […]

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Oct 10 2011

The Lamest Of Ducks

Update: This is disturbing – we apparently have a leader who as turned inward into isolation (and one must consider, depression): The gist is this: President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government. He talks mostly, and sometimes only, to friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett and to David Axelrod, his […]

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