Nov 08 2011

Will Cain Smite Down His Latest Accuser Today?

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LOL Upudate! OK, this really is a pathetic joke. One of the accusers works for the Obama administration:

Karen Kraushaar currently serves as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she has held since last year. She did not return phone messages left by The Daily.

What a joke. And if you think there is no money on the table (later) you’re naive. As I said, this has all the earmarks of an incompetent smear. Which given the level of incompetence in this White House on display since inauguration (lame gifts to heads of state, stimulus bills that fail, the Obamacare debacle, the 2010 election debacle, etc, etc, etc) it is no surprise this muckraking attempt would implode. – end update


This afternoon Herman Cain is going to hold a press conference to address the string of dirty-trick smears being spewed by the Obama White House and DNC operatives. And if anyone doubts the coordination source for this muckraking is from the left, realize no GOP candidate would survive executing such low-brow dirty tricks in the GOP as a whole. Not to mention all the coordinated messages (subliminal and obvious) surrounding the news from various ‘news’ sources. This is a left wing hit job – plain and simple.

Either Cain bows out today, or he slams this with so much fact it collapses – because either its true or not. My guess it is not. A string of 5 women coming out within a week is not coincidence – it is stagecraft. And this 4th person has some serious character issues – apparent from all the way across the Atlantic:

A ‘gold digger’ embroiled in legal and financial difficulties who has always lived above her station and will do anything to never have to work again.

This is the portrait that has started to emerge of the fourth woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment – the first to come out publicly.

Though her lawyer Gloria Allred painted a respectable and prestigious education and employment history for Sharon Bialek, 50, just a day later it has been revealed that she has not held a job for more than two years and has filed for bankruptcy twice.

This story looks to be the usual hit job. Not well crafted and made for TVLand IQ types. Cain and his supporters are not that the kind of people to fall for B Movie fiction like this, and are probably more than capable of building a case on why this woman is not credible. The story looks ripe for blowing holes through.

If this plays out as I suspect, blowing this accuser out of the water will blast all of them out of the water and make any future accusations against Cain completely suspect unless they come with bullet proof evidence. This is the day where Cain ascends or descends.

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  1. archtop says:

    And if you think this kind of tactic will be limited to Herman Cain…just you wait. The DNC opposition research is on going and this incident will look like nothing once 2012 rolls around.

    If Cain is innocent, he needs to do what most politicians don’t do, and that’s to come out swinging. I would love to see him at least sue Gloria Alred and her “client” for defamation…

  2. dhunter says:

    He needs to use OBlah Blahs words and say I am innocent and this is nothing but a distraction.
    A distraction by Obamas Presstitutes to avoid covering the fact that:

    his attorney genneral is in front of congress for allowing guns to be sold to mexican drug dealers. Guns that killed a US Border Patrol Agent and hundreds of innocent Mexicans, a scheme cooked up to deny american citizens their second amendment rights. Google Fast and Furious!
    a distraction from the theft of billions of dollars from American taxpayers and given to bankrupt green energy firms that were bundlers and burglers for Obama,
    a distraction from his over throw of overseas heads of State in favor of Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood who hate us.
    a distraction from the fact that withion hours OBlahBlah took to the airwaves taking credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden thus rendering any captured intelligence relating to his accomplises worthless,
    a distraction from 16% unemployment and 40% unemployment in black neighborhoods,
    a distraction from the fact that the poor are growing to near record numbers under a regime that the corrupt Presstitutes refuse to report upon.
    America deserves better leaders and a better, more responsible press and I intend to be the catalyst for that.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    I wonder if t here is anything to this? ….

    “Bialek’s claims against Cain may begin becoming unglued if an independent private investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, provides evidence showing Bialek is being paid to lie in order to derail Herman Cain’s presidential campaign. A Spokesperson representing the PI firm claims that Democrat operatives are out to destroy Cain who is seen as a threat to Obama’s reelection.”

  4. Frogg1 says:

    This is odd:

    Sharon Bialek, Herman Cain accuser, suggests she might vote for him

  5. Frogg1 says:

    Whoa. MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski slams Cain accuser. Pigs do fly.

    MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Slams Cain Accuser: ‘Clearly This Woman…Is Very Interested In The Limelight’

  6. Frogg1 says:

    VIDEO: Niger Innis Disturbed By ‘Vicious Mandingo Stereotype’ Used Against Cain

    Wow! Innis does an excellent interview and makes a lot of good points with his insight. Cain should hire him to be his spokesman on this issue.