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Mar 19 2009

The Rising Tide Of Anger At DC

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People are getting rightfully fed up across this nation with the ineptitude of our so-called “national leaders”. They are sure leading the pack in incompetence category! The latest “its not me” round of denial about how 73 people walked away with million dollar plus bonuses culled from taxpayers pockets is a nauseating spectacle. The claims of “we […]

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Mar 16 2009

Democrats & Obama Worried About Voter Backlash

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The New York Times is reporting the Democrats in DC are all of a sudden worried that the voters are rising up against their reckless and unfocused policies. Before I get to the NYT piece I have to wonder what in the world brought this crystalizing moment of sanity to the DC liberals who have […]

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Mar 14 2009

The Political Fringes Are Disintegrating Into Madness & Chaos

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Updates Below I have been remiss in posting for a few days, mostly due to work overload. And if it is not work there are tons of remodeling/rebuilding/maintenance projects backed up at the home ranch I need to tackle. But another series of events has kept my mind and spirit from posting – and that […]

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Mar 10 2009

We Can “Change” Course

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  Words of wisdom from the very liberal Jim Cramer: It’s time to get serious. It’s time to take the issue from the pundits and from the left and right, and put it where it belongs: serious non-ideological debate to put out the real firestorm, the collapse of the economy from Wall Street to Main Street and […]

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Mar 08 2009

Tea Party Movement Growing

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One common theme starting to percolate through the electorate is the resistance to any plans to bail out homeowners who got in over their heads (or worse, lied on their applications) before doing anything for those who have been responsible and keeping up with their mortgage payments. As I proposed earlier, before a dime is […]

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Mar 06 2009

Measuring The Obama-Democrat Economic Disaster

While the democrats are trying to claim all that has happened is not their fault, we need to remember a few facts: The Democrat controlled Congress of last year decided to NOT produce a GFY 2009 budget under President Bush, instead demanding the government run on a Continuing Resolution (CR) until the Obama administration was […]

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Mar 05 2009

Obama Is No Reagan

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DJ Drummond makes an excellent point today regarding Presidents who have had to deal with inherited recessions: Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama each inherited a recession when they came to office. That’s not unusual, though – Presidents Kennedy, Ford, and Bush also inherited recessions when they arrived at the White House, and in fact Presidents […]

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Mar 02 2009

Obamanomics – This Is Going To Be A Rough Ride, DOW Sliding Again

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  As many are saying this week, we do not wish Obama to fail – too many people will be permanently ruined financially if that were to pass. But while I do not wish for Obama to fail, he is going to fail and it is going to be a spectacularly horrific failure. Gateway Pundit […]

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Feb 25 2009

The Magic Is Wearing Off President Obama

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I missed the speech last night. I could not stomach listening to someone promise everything in the world as if he had a magic wand. It is not so much the wild, fantasy promises – but the fact Americans are buying them that really turns me off. Anyway, I am not sure how well this […]

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Feb 23 2009

A Mortgage Bailout That Would Really Stimulate The Economy

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I have decided to occasionally propose solutions to our economic problems that make sense (first two can be found here). Th first proposal is on exempting kids from income and payroll taxes, the second is on how everyone must chip in. Now here’s the 3rd: Bail Out The Good Home Owners, Let Them Spend Their […]

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