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Oct 27 2008

3rd Early Voting Indicator National Polls May Be Way Off – Now 4th!

Major Update: DJ Drummond (another poll skeptic like me) has discovered another indication that the poll weighting of party for party ID are nonsensical and Obama may be in some serious trouble. Before I get to DJ’s analysis I want to address comments about early voting typically being led by Republicans. While true, early voting […]

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Oct 19 2008

The Slow Tightening Of The Race

With two plus weeks to go before voting things might finally be turning John McCain’s way. I have predicted this race would go down to the decisions made by voters on election day, and that seems to be the case. However, I am not overly confident at this moment, just noting the data is turning […]

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Oct 07 2008

Ohio Early Voting Bad Omen For Obama In November – 80% Of His Voters Are AWOL

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! People have to understand how national campaigns will avoid the look of failure at all costs. In the case of novice Barack Obama this is all the more important since confidence in him is as fragile as a spun sugar figurine. So when Obama’s camp […]

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