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Dec 05 2009

Climategate Forces UK Review Of Warming Data & Results

Climategate is not going away. As I noted in my previous post this is not about emails where so called scientists suborning the peer-review process and scientific method while colluding to side step legal freedom of information requests. No, the problems discovered in Climategate are in the code and data and uncertainties. When professionals who […]

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Dec 04 2009

UN Decides Climategate Is Serious

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Well, well, well – it seems the UN IPCC has realized Climategate is serious and could ruin the reputations of thousands of scientists, politicians and journalists who fell down on their responsibility to verify the claims of data cookers at CRU, Penn State, NASA GIS and possibly elsewhere (UCAR/NCAR comes to mind). Dr Rajendra Pachauri, […]

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Dec 04 2009

Proof CRU Did Not Lose Their Raw Station Data

One has to wonder why Phil Jones was so dumb back in August and to try and hide the CRU raw temp records with the excuse they were lost in the 1980’s. That is such bunk it is crazy – but we all now know how far he would go to avoid making his data […]

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Dec 04 2009

The World’s Future Hangs On “OH F**K THIS”!

Mark Steyn has a wonderful way of distilling an issue down to its hard core. He does so again today on the mythology of man-made global warming, using HARRY_READ_ME has his foil: Yet perhaps the most important revelation is not the collusion, the bullying, the politicization and the evidence-planting, but the fact that, even if […]

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Dec 01 2009

The One Place On Earth Runaway Warming Should Be Obvious

Now that I am more confident the file I discovered in the CRU data dump is actually the CRU global temperatures prior to all those AGW ‘corrections (see here), I want to focus in on one country that would be the perfect ‘canary in a coal mine’ for planet Earth. If there really was rampant […]

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Nov 30 2009

More Evidence CRU Has Raw Temp Data & It Shows No AGW

There is another example out of raw temp measurement data not matching the CRU/IPCC alarmist’s graphs showing dramatic recent increases and much cooler periods prior to 1960. This time the hard evidence comes from Norway, as noted at WUWT. Graphically we see another case of raw temp data – which looks fairly benign: Now looking […]

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Nov 27 2009

Colleague Of Mann, Jones, et al Knew They Were Faking AGW

I knew the AGW cult would crack open under serious scrutiny, but this is stunning even to me: Nothing about the revelations surprises me. I have maintained email correspondence with most of these scientists for many years, and I know several personally. I long ago realized that they were faking the whole exercise. When you […]

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Nov 27 2009

AJStrata Top Watcher’s Pick

I am honored by the recognition I received this week from my old pals on the Watcher’s Council! And a special thanks to BookWorm for submitting my post on the CRU cover up as a candidate.

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Nov 27 2009

CRU Hack Probably Inside Job

I have been of the opinion the ‘hackers’ at CRU were insiders fed up with the direction of CRU. There are many candidates seen in the emails who were trying to do the right thing (fix code, address outside comments, produce a better conclusion) who would seem to be great candidates. The CRU Climategate data […]

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Nov 27 2009

University Of East Anlgia Investigates Its Own CRU

Well, this should be interesting, if possibly useless: But a spokesperson said information about the investigation into the hack at UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) would be made public very soon. Scientists will be scrutinising the choice of chair and the terms of reference. One senior climate scientist told me that the chair would have […]

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