Nov 27 2009

CRU Hack Probably Inside Job

I have been of the opinion the ‘hackers’ at CRU were insiders fed up with the direction of CRU. There are many candidates seen in the emails who were trying to do the right thing (fix code, address outside comments, produce a better conclusion) who would seem to be great candidates.

The CRU Climategate data is too coherent  and obviously a well selected subset of what was likely produced and discussed inside CRU over the last decade. Now we learn the probable ‘whistle blower’ had access to this data for a month or more. And recall the first response from CRU was to suspend internal accounts.

I wonder if there is a large scale insurrection inside CRU since Mann, Jones, Briffa and Schmidt were so over the top and the code and data were so shoddy? This is a lot of data from a lot of places and times – looks like more than one person. Not out unrealistic.

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3 Responses to “CRU Hack Probably Inside Job”

  1. momdear1 says:

    While you are agonizing over the phoney data turned out by phoney scientists and promoted by the phoney news media, and swallowed hook line and sinker by the gullible American people., the Dem. led band of bandits called the US Congress has announced it is going for their third trillion dollar bail out. I told you they would be back again and again because bail out is not their game. They are systematically looting the treasury. Just like his predicessors in Africa, Obama and his chosen people are systematically looting the country. We will be lucy if we have a pot, not to mention a window to pour it out of, by the time we rid ourselves of them. Unless something drastic happens to stop them before they completely destroy the economy, it is going to take this country longer to dig out of the hole they have put us in than it took the South to recover from the wholesale looting by the Carpet baggers who flocked into the area after the Civil War to manipulate and advise the ignorant and uneducated blacks who were put in charge. South Carolona alone was left with over $50 billion in bonded indebedness for projects that were never built and the money was never accounted for.. It took SC almost $100 years to pay off that debt. It looks like history does indeed repeat itself. However, this time the “reconstruction” booddoggle has been taken nationwide. Bend over and have a nice day folks. It’s happening again.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Don’t these fools understand the concept of stop digging?

  3. Neo says:

    Lesson 1: Don’t let users put passwords in their signatures. Yep, you got that right: One of the scientists included both on his e-mail signature — which means that anyone receiving an e-mail from this guy had access to his files. This may have been the source of the hack; in fact, some folks have theorized that a recipient of the e-mail was the source of the data dump.