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Jan 11 2009

Government Cannot Spend Us Out Of Retiring Boomers

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  Well we now see how vague campaign promises from a young and inexperienced presidential candidate can transform rapidly into really, really bad policy concepts. Obama is trying to rally support across the political spectrum for his economic stimulus plan. It is rooted in the liberal erroneous concept Government can fix the economy.  Usually government […]

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Dec 29 2008

“Real Conservatives” Are A Lost Cause, How The Dems Can Succeed

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Updated I tell you what, the conservative movement is now totally destroyed. Some idiot running for RNC chairman took a sweet child’s song and twisted it into an ugly, racist, turd of supposed humor: The sending of a Christmas greeting by Chip Saltsman to the members of the Republican National Committee that includes a recording […]

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Jul 07 2008

GOP Need Not Fear Moderate And Independent Conservatives

For some reason there are those on the right still trying to enforce purity of thought on the conservative coalition, and are willing to throw John McCain under the bus to ensure the GOP is rid of what some folks love to disparagingly refer to as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Being an Independent Conservative […]

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