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May 25 2010

Insipid Arrogance Abounds In Today’s Politics

It has become very tough to blog these last few weeks as two forces of arrogance collide in our political national theatre. The one which is most troubling is the group who which has to be deemed as the better of two lousy choices. This group is the far right. You can identify them as […]

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Oct 28 2009

GOP Crush In VA, Dems Way Off Track

This fall’s elections in VA, NJ and NY-23 are turning out to be really bad for the Democrats. In NJ and NY-23 there are two candidates opposing the Democrats, yet the combined anti-Democrat vote is not in doubt. And it is not pretty. This is not a surprising response from the nation’s electorate given the liberal […]

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Aug 17 2009

USA Still A Center Right Nation – But Can GOP Capitalize?

It is no surprise to most people that America on average leans far more to the conservative side of things than the liberal side. In fact, Gallup has come out with a large study showing that self described ‘conservatives’ outnumber ‘liberals’ in all 50 states. It is so one sided that there is only one […]

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Apr 17 2009

Conservatives Fail To Engage Brain Before Emoting On DHS Report

Well, as an ex-conservative I can see I jumped the sinking ship just in time. A key issue with the DHS report (my initial posts here and here) is that it was clearly aimed at potentially violent groups. At the time the DHS report broke and the right went mad, I noted mainstream conservatism is […]

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Mar 30 2009

Far Right Still Blowing It

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It seems the Keystone Kops of DC right now include a fair contingent of the far right GOP, who are once again insulting potential allies, offering up stupidly vague platitudes and simply continuing the same crap that led them into the political wilderness of the fringes and out of power. Example 1: The Obama administration […]

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Mar 03 2009

A Backlash Is Brewing

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Lots of news out today about Congress starting the chafe under the liberal spending policies of Obama and the liberal congressional leaders. Top of the list is John McCain’s rightfully negative reaction to this second round of mega ear marks (the first round being found in the massive Spendulus bill just passed): If it seems […]

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Mar 02 2009

GOP Still Imploding As Limbaugh Attacks Lesser Conservatives

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You don’t have to be foaming at the mouth mad to be a solid conservative willing to fight. I fight the knuckleheads left and right every day. I am sick with overly simplistic rhetoric supported by fear mongering and demagoguery. For some reason conservatives have decided vapid emotion is better than rallying strategy. Up until recently […]

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Mar 02 2009

Far Right Makes Obama Look Sane

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I am glad I did not waste my time at CPAC. Last thing I needed was to watch a lot of people in denial make the same mistake that put them in the minority in the first place. While conservatism has a solid core of family values, responsibility, peace through strength, and limited (but efficient) […]

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Jan 29 2009

The Conservative Implosion

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All you need to know about how badly the purity wars crippled the GOP is to look at this graph: The chart shows how the far right was able to run off those nasty moderate RINOs and push them into the Democrat camp. That includes some serious conservatives like the Anchoress, and keeps conservative independents […]

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Jan 20 2009

I Wish You Well President Obama, The Nation Rejoices A Barrier Finally Destroyed

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  We seat a new President today – our President. And we can finally close a chapter on the racial divides that split this nation from its inception. Our lofty goals for humanity were always deeply and morally flawed with the support of slavery and its aftermath of racism. We can finally say we have […]

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