Apr 08 2010

Oh Democrat Congress, How Do We Hate Thee …

Let Gallup count the ways. President Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress have made history this year, and I am not talking about that wreck called Obamacare. The liberals in DC have made this Congress the most despised in modern times:

A record-low percentage of U.S. voters — 28% — say most members of Congress deserve to be re-elected. The previous low was 29% in October 1992.

In the two recent midterm elections in which the congressional balance of power changed (1994 and 2006), the percentage of voters saying most members deserved to be re-elected fell below 40%, as it does today. By contrast, in 1998 and 2002, when the existing Republican majority was maintained, 55% or better held this view.

Additionally, 65% of registered voters — the highest in Gallup history, and by far the highest in any recent midterm year — now say most members of Congress do not deserve re-election.

My favorite graph is the one showing the party breakdown of those who want to throw the bums out:

What this shows is Independents, the ones that actually decide which side will be elected, are on a tear to take out incumbents. By 3 to 1 they are ready to go to the polls in November and send a historic message. As Gallup notes, this is more than just being in the danger zone – it’s historic:

Voters’ anti-incumbent mood is like nothing Gallup has seen in the past four midterm election cycles. While that could have a negative impact on incumbents from both parties, the greater exposure of the Democrats by virtue of their majority status means greater risk for their candidates. Additionally, both parties have seen their majority control of Congress wiped out in midterm elections with less anti-incumbent fervor than is seen today.

Hope & Change 2.0

BTW, I think Dick Morris summed it up well as he predicted the Dems will lose both houses of Congress (which I predict will happen in Governor Thompson runs in WI and Rossi runs in WA).

Were Obama’s ambitions to slacken, perhaps a cooling-off might eventuate. But soon the socialist financial takeover bill will come on the agenda, followed by amnesty for illegal immigrants, cap-and-trade and card-check unionization. Each bill will trigger its own mobilization of public opposition and add to the swelling coalition of opposition to Obama and his radical agenda.

And, all the while, the deficit will increase, interest rates will rise and unemployment will remain high.

Finally, Obama is now responsible for healthcare in America. When premiums rise, it will be his fault. When coverage is denied, it will be on his watch.

When Medicare cuts kick in, it will be Obama who gets the blame.

Never make a false, exaggerated promise to someone in dire need and then not deliver. That kind of screw up has a searing, long lasting effect which can take decades to repair. If it can ever be repaired.

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  2. WWS says:

    might be better strategically for the GOP to take the House but only pick up 6 or 7 in the Senate – that keeps the heat on the Senate Dems with regard to responsiblity for the economy.

    And face it, the economy is just going to suck more and more as we get into 2011. The double dip should start just after November when there’s no reason for the MSM to hide the really bad news that’s coming. In fact the only real question is whether they can keep it hidden for that long.

    what bad news? Oh, start with the coming collapse of commercial real estate market in this country and the collapse of the sovereign debt market internationally. Then move onto the coming actuarial collapse of most large pension systems, including SS – that about to be enough to keep anyone awake at night.

    Whenever interest rates begin to rise, which they will have to do because of our deficits, then all of these issues will hit the fan simultaneously. Fall of 2008 was just a mild test run compared to what it will be like when this happens.

  3. Wilbur Post says:

    Not to mention the calls that insurance companies and others are getting from people wanting to know how to sign up for their “free” ObamaCare benefits. Seems the Gasbag-in-Chief was too busy telling lies about his signature BS policy initiative to explain to the bitter clingers that (a) it’s not “free” (b) it doesn’t kick in until 2014. Minor oversight.

    Yep, imagine you’re Morty and Minny who’ve been watching the news all these months about how the Dummocrats were fighting the evil insurance companies and the Republicans who secretly wanted you to die…. And finally, VICTORY! Pelosi, Reid, Waxman and the rest of the usual suspects are dancing on the TV and strutting their ugly stuff, proud of the fact that at last they have won one for “the little people” like Morty and Minny. And then you call to cash in and find out you suckers ain’t gettin’ nothin’. Possibly Morty and Minny will come out in November and “share the love” with their favorite Dummocrat….

  4. ivehadit says:

    I hope people are waking up…

    to understanding that obama is creating a situation where MORE will have LESS? He is creating ELITES at the top and then the impoverished at the bottom, a big bottom gobbling up the current middle class.

    Free markets and less government intrusion give MORE freedom, MORE MONEY to MORE people, not less. The system being imposed now does just the opposite.

    Goods are going to cost more and be less accessible. Got that-LESS will be produced so you won’t be able to get what you want…unless it’s some green thingie.

    And with inflation coming on, your little dollars you will have will buy you LESS. When interest rates were low the purchasing power of the dollar was MORE. Now it will be LESS. You may make more and keep LESS. Fact.

    I said it in ’08 and I will say it again now: democrats are the party of LESS. LESS for us and MORE for the GOVERNMENT.

    How’s that workin’ for those twenty-soemthings that voted for this debacle?

  5. owl says:

    Repubs had better start thinking of a way around these thugs. If they can ignore hundreds of thousands of people outside their window and all their phone lines shut down, folks, they have their plans made for these elections. ‘Stolen election’ is going to take on new meaning. I don’t like what he signed today.

    Repub Congress Critters better understand that this is not business as usual. I still don’t think they ‘get it’ that THEY allowed us to get to this shape by not standing up and fighting their good DIM buddies.

    Repubs in red districts need to send in those census forms. Lying, cheating thugs are in charge and they don’t give a damn if you like it or not. Why is that? Oh……. whatcha gonna do?

  6. penguin2 says:

    I’ve thought this for some time. The anti-incumbent fever is going to hit both parties. Tea Partiers are made up of Republicans, disenchanted Democrats and Independents that want the radicalism to stop and a righting of the economic ship of the U.S.

    The upcoming primaries should show how some of this is going to play out.

  7. BarbaraS says:

    Don’t forget the credit card reform our wonderful congress enacted. Do you know they “forgot” to put a cap on interest charges? The credit card companies are ratcheting up their rates. One of my credit cards shot from 8.24% to 25.99% for no good reason. I have all my credit cards drafted from my bank automatically so I am never late. If this happens to all people with large credit card balances it will bankrupt the public. I was once in a situation of paying 21.99% interest on my balance on one card. I never was able to pay on the principle during that time…only a portion of the interest. The balance just kept getting bigger and bigger even though I was not buying anything new. This reform is a disaster and just shows how powerful the lobbyists for the credit card companies are.

  8. BarbaraS says:

    The dims are hoping all the tea partiers will vote for a third party. It probably will be the only thing to save them.

  9. Mike M. says:

    Hoping? No, the Left will try to FOOL people into throwing their votes away on a third party.

  10. owl says:

    I will not vote for a third party. DIMS and their lapdog media will try to make it happen. I want everyone to vote against their brother for schoolboard if he happens to be a DIM. Vote ALL DIMS out at the local level like you never did before. A third party vote is suicide in the midst of this kind of madness.

  11. kathie says:

    One thing good about this President…….he makes people really angry……his sarcastic tongue may work in some quarters, but for most Americans it is a really low form of speech, unbecoming of a serious person. People who are angry will voice their complaint in the voting booth. My bet is that the turn out will be monstrous.

  12. […] As noted in my previous posts, the country wants to throw Congress out – and I would wager they also want to start dismantling the bloated federal beast which is choking our economy with liberal/progressive polices. Today more polls are out reiterating the historic screw up of the Democrats now running DC. […]