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Oct 12 2012

Biden’s Meltdown Was Embarrassing

The nation is hurting. It is fed up with the condescending failures in DC. It is sick and tired of promises never kept, but the DC connected being the only ones not hurting after their social experiment with mortgages blew up in all our faces. Very few people think the Bush tax cuts caused the […]

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Sep 15 2011

Solar Energy & Political Green ($$$)

I have hesitated to pontificate too much on the gun runner fiasco that let thousands of guns out on the street to maim and kill. Trust me, the government bureaucracy is capable of immense mistakes caused by what normal people would call criminal negligence. Basically, stupidity at such a level it is a danger or […]

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Sep 21 2009

Promises, Promises …

VP Biden makes a promise I sincerely doubt will happen, but which could fuel the drive of anti-Obama voters to come out in droves to stop the liberal idiocy that has gripped DC this year: Vice President Joe Biden said today that if Democrats were to lose 35 House seats they currently hold in traditionally […]

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Jun 14 2009

Biden’s BS – Updated!

Welcome Lucianne Readers! BTW, with this much traffic I went back and cleaned up the text a bit. – AJStrata Update: Biden admitted the liberal economic stimulus experiment was based on ‘guesses’: Biden tells “Meet the Press” that “everyone guessed wrong” on the impact of the stimulus, economy was worse off than anyone thought. In […]

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Dec 11 2008

Obama Admits His Reps Talked To Team Blagojevich

Obama has admitted two things today regarding the spreading scandal engulfing Governor Rod Blagojevich: Team Obama did have contact with Team Blagojevich recently, and  Obama is not making a firm denial of wrong doing. Instead he is expressing ‘confidence’ there was no wrong doing.  While the liberal rags (thank god these dinosaurs are facing financial […]

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Oct 02 2008

Palin Won! Obama Lost

Why did America tune in? To see one of our own fight the political class. Frank Luntz’s ‘independent’ group went something like 80% for Palin. She has changed the entire political landscape. The Palin phenom is just happening! Drudge poll shows 75-25 Palin. Look, this is HISTORY! Palin destroyed the media myths. Please note: Palin, […]

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Oct 02 2008

Pre Debate Thoughts

I think it was Bill Sammon on Special Report last night who had the best summary of what is at stake. Palin can recover from the media bashing of the last two weeks by being her combative self. If a question about inside the beltway minutiae comes up she should chide Ifill for wasting time […]

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Sep 25 2008

Bush & McCain Prod Obama To Put Country First

Barack Obama is showing that arrogance again. Yesterday morning Chris Plante played clips of Obama saying [paraphrasing] “I plan to stay in touch with Treasury Secretary Paulson and the leaders of Congres to ensure a bi-partisan answer to this crisis is forthcoming“. It was a ridiculous act of playing President.  By the afternoon McCain decided […]

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Sep 22 2008

Dem VP Candidate Biden Slams Obama Campaign Ad, Defends McCain

It was the one of the most deplorable ads of the political season. It was the Obama campaign down in the sewer. Apparently the stench is so bad on this one Democrat VP candidate Joe Biden has chided the Obama Campaign (“I am Barack Obama, and I approved this ad”) and defended McCain on this […]

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Sep 12 2008

The Pathetic Obama/Biden Gaffe Machine Regarding The Physically Handicapped

A lot of people gasped at Joe Biden’s honest mistake recently when, at a campaign event, he called out a local Democrat leader – asking him to stand. Sad thing was, the man was confined to a wheel chair. Earlier in the week, in Columbia, Missouri, Biden urged a paraplegic state official to stand up […]

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