Sep 25 2008

Bush & McCain Prod Obama To Put Country First

Barack Obama is showing that arrogance again. Yesterday morning Chris Plante played clips of Obama saying [paraphrasing] “I plan to stay in touch with Treasury Secretary Paulson and the leaders of Congres to ensure a bi-partisan answer to this crisis is forthcoming“. It was a ridiculous act of playing President. 

By the afternoon McCain decided to suspend his campaign and go to DC to work to solve the problem ASAP. And it needs to be solved ASAP because there is a serious lack of confidence in the country regarding financial insitutions. If not for the panic mode (a result of the Dems crying “Depression” and “Recession” even when there wasn’t one) we probably could absorb the hits from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and deal out some punishment.  This is what happens when you scream “FIRE!” in a theatre, a different kind of disaster is the result.

Anyway, McCain was right. We cannot fiddle while our economy melts down. So instead of dealing out punishment we are dealing out bailouts. But Bush was also right to echo McCain and request McCain and Obama be at the table for the final package – after all, one of these two men are going to have to face the next 4 years living with the fall out.

Obama’s resistance to work across the aisle was just dumb. In a time of serious national crisis he flinched. When the hand of bipartisanship was held out he recoiled and cried “it’s a trick”. Harry Reid tried to say the two men who might lead the nation once this deal is done had no place at the table of solutions – illustrating again why DC is broken and it needs new management. 

Not young management, not inexperienced management – new management. The left is all discombobulated and angry that McCain took the lead and, with the help of Bush, guided the junior Senator from Illinois to the right action. 

It is an interesting dichotomy playing out. Sarah Palin was interviewed by Katie Couric. Palin’s performance wasn’t great (she is new to this kind of scrutiny and pace). But she did OK and, sadly for the smirking talking head Couric, Main Street America relates to her. Couric wanted to know what McCain had done in the past 26 years to increase oversite, the list is endless. It was stump the candidate, Palin said she would do the research for Couric. Now we have to see if Couric will address the result on air. Here’s the video:

I say we have an interesting dynamic here because McCain is clearly grooming a new young national leader. This is expected and the bumps along the way are not a surprise or the death knell as the far left likes to fantasize. If we can deal with 8 years of Clinton learning on the job (and failing spectacularly on Somalia, Health Care, Taxes and a range of issues) we can deal with Sarah coming up to speed.

What is funny is the fact McCain just took Obama by the hand on the financial crisis as well, and said we need to get this done before we go back to campaigning. It was an interesting moment. McCain said “truce, we have an emergency” and Obama said “but I’m winning!!”. The Obama-Biden ticket is the reverse of the McCain-Palin, and that became evident. Biden is on the ticket to give the appearance of gravitas, but clearly he is out of the loop. Obama has him as window dressing.

How else to explain the so called Biden gaffes of late? These disconnects between Obama and Biden simply show Obama is not confiding much with his VP, or the two are not jelling as a team. Obama has Biden to help smooth over his rough inexperienced edges. But Obama is not using that asset at all. Why else fall into the trap of refusing McCain’s lead on the financial crisis fearing some sort of political trap.

Obama is going to take a hit for his hesitation. He blinked AND recoiled before Bush was able to prod him into putting country first. Not a good sign.

For those interested here is President Bush last night pushing for a quick resolution from Congress:

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  1. Neo says:

    There is actually a change that the Resolution Trust Corp. that is to be setup by this pending “deal” will in fact not only not cost the taxpayers any money, but could make a profit.

    If there is a profit .. how many fathers will this deal have then ?

  2. tarpon says:

    Could it be that Teleprompter man doesn’t want to be seen on the Senate floor without his Teleprompter?

    Is there any video of Obama actually being on the Senate floor participating in any debate on anything?

    Obama’s problem is he can’t think … Lack of real American life’s experiences severely limit what he knows about America and life in the country. Why would anyone vote for gun banner Obama?

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Merlin and AJ,

    Have you watched the video of Palin’s minister that did some witchhunt against a Kenya woman and chased her out of town?

    It showed Palin with raised arms in rapture while her minister put his hands over her shoulders.

    Olberman showed a video of it in a mockery way to make Palin a crazy woman.

    Know anything about it? You can find the videos at YouTube.

    AJ, I read an article somewhere in the last two days that if Obama loses, there would be a revolt by the blacks because the whites would not vote for a black.

  4. Neo says:

    KROFT: Why you? I mean, why do you think you would be a good president?

    OBAMA: Well, I was going to get to that.

    KROFT: Go ahead.

    OBAMA: You know, I’m a, I’m a practical person. One of the things I’m good at is getting people in a room with a bunch of different ideas who sometimes violently disagree with each other and finding common ground and a sense of common direction. And that’s the kind of approach that I think prevents you from making some of the enormous mistakes that we’ve seen over the last eight years.

    Isn’t this exactly what John McCain is doing ?

    So it now takes an invitation from the President to get Obama to join in the discussions .. LOL

  5. dave m says:

    In England, their Prime Minister, Mr. James (Gordon) Brown is on
    the ropes. His leftist Labor Party is trailing massively behind the Conservatives.
    So bad that even his own party is talking about ditching him. (Over there,
    they don’t elect the PM, they elect a Party and the Party decides
    according to whatever rules they choose to use who should be their
    Prime Minister, thus they are free to change their minds mid-stream)

    James G. Brown was pleading for more time. He said the world
    situation was serious.

    He said: “This is no time to elect a novice”!

    Did he get the irony? One thinks not.

  6. WWS says:

    I call Lurker9876 as being one of David Axelrods “Astroturfing” trolls. Ace of Spades has written quite a lot about this.

    Simply put, posts like this are a direct assault by Obama’s campaign against this blog and others like it. I am not kidding.
    David Axelrod, the “King of Astroturfing”, uses a modus operandi of attempting to make fake “grass roots” posts on a wide range of right wing (ie, “enemy”) blogs and other internet outlets. The goal is not to argue, but to appear as a “concerned, Christian conservative” and use that disguise to spread lies and rumors that will dishearten the conservative base.

    The “Winner” organization and the attempt to make Viral Videos smearing Palin were another arm of this disgusting tactic of the Obama campaign. They are not just doing this here; Axelrod and his minions are doing this on every pro-McCain blog that they can find.

    Beware! Any of these “Lurker” posts, no matter what other designation they use, are almost certainly a direct attack from the Obama campaign! Besides “Lurker”, Ace has noted that they often will use “Jim”, “Mary”, or some other simple name to try and pass themselves off as a simple “concerned Christian conservative.” They will then allege the most outrageous lies. The Axelrod trolls will NOT claim the lies are true; rather they will say “did you see this? Have you heard this?” The goal is to seed doubt and confusion among their enemies and hopefully reduce voter turnout. A big clue – the Axelrod troll will have no previous history on the blog they post on, but instead will claim to have been a “long time reader who has never posted before.” This, like everything else the Axelrod trolls say, is an outrageous lie.

    Another key to an Axelrod Troll – they will ALWAYS say “you can find the videos on Youtube.” Of course you can, right where Axelrod has planted them. That’s how he operates.

    We are seeing this on THIS blog, in almost every post, RIGHT NOW. Be warned, and react accordingly!!!

  7. BarbaraS says:

    Yep, Katie Couric is in the tank for Obama. Did anyone see the way she brushed off Palin’s answers and the look on her face when Palin dumped on Obama? They don’t even hide it any longer. Anyone who is influenced by these jerks need their heads examined. They are all completely in the tank of this anti American.

  8. BarbaraS says:

    Katie Couric is usually all over her guests in a love fest. Bubbly and perky. She didn’t even smile at Palin.

  9. Stix says:

    Yes the Astroturfing by Asxelrod is well known. I see them everywhere. I guess it is part of Obama’s getting into our faces project.

    You need to go to Urban Conservative and see the trolls they got over there, it is amazing.

    Hopefully McCain and Bush can get something out of this.
    Hopefully Neo is rightand it will not have the taxpayers bail out the CEOs of these banks that went too far.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:


    Unless someone hacked Lurkers login I would be suspect. She is asking if we have seen it and is hoping for an opinion perhaps of the validity of the tape.

    I have not seen it yet but have heard of it and will get to it later.

    Lurker is one of the good gals.

  11. owl says:

    My observation is that they have fought off Palin and put her in a box. I advise McCain to put out the truth. Dem’s call it fear.

    He needs ads running 24/7 with nothing but the preacher, the priest, the terrorist, the Fannie/Freddie VP pickers and Obama. You can substitute ‘Farrakan’ for any of these creeps. He went into the colleges and prisons and organized.

    McCain, you can rise above it later. BTW, put Palin & Family as the other choice. Scare us because it is the truth and it is SCARY.

    The reason he can not win on the issues, has nothing to do with issues. He is fighting a mega 24/7 campaign that is running for FREE. Obama does not need to pay out one penny except for the thugs.

    McCain is finally beginning to get a taste of his good friends in the media, that he fed choice soundbites for years. He doesn’t have time for a crash course. He needs to use the real ammo.

  12. dave m says:

    Chased a Kenyan woman out of town?
    Too bad they didn’t do it to Obama!

  13. WWS says:

    The video is being pushed by MSNBC this morning. As Axelrod wanted.

  14. VinceP1974 says:

    WWS: I love reading comments that go something like

    “I’ve been a conservative for 50 years… but I can no longer tolerate the dishonest and deceitful John McCain.

    I support Obama because he’s never been a Muslim and he is going to restore fairness to the tax system by raising my bosses taxes by 150%. And after China takes over California for thier debt repayment, Obama will allow only the hateful Christians to remain there”