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Nov 12 2008

Liberal Petty Vindictiveness Can Be Very Dangerous To America

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What do the Democrats want to do for those who kept America safe from another terrorist attack on this nation over the past 7 years? Something no one would dare to predict after 9-11, that we could go 7 years without another attack on US soil. What is the gratitude to be showed to these […]

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Sep 17 2008

Message From Terrorist: We Still Want To Kill Americans

Yesterday Islamo Fascists sent America a message about the world we face: Attackers exploded a vehicle bomb outside the main gate of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen on Wednesday in what appeared to be a well-coordinated assault that triggered more explosions and heavy gunfire around the compound. Yemen’s official Saba news agency said 16 people […]

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Sep 11 2008

Beginning A Long Farewell With A 9-11 Salute To President George W Bush

  I am sure many others out in the blogosphere will have very impressive posts in memory of 9-11, this year I am keeping it simple. I think the most memorable 9-11 for me as a blogger was in 2006 and someone had the great idea for bloggers to research and post on one of […]

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Aug 05 2008

Hysteria Grips The Fringes

I have three stories that represent the fact the fringe in America is losing its minds. First, we have the well-worn Cult of The COLB who have now gone so far over the edge that they claim Obama’s Birth Certificate is actually forged from his sister’s certificate – which can’t be generated by Hawaii. And […]

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Aug 03 2008

Flight 93 Memorial Now Only A Monument To Shallow Bureaucrat Egos

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I could not make it to this weekend’s debate on the travesty that is the Flight 93 Memorial. Sadly, after reading the news reports, I must admit I am sort of glad I did not go down and see the debacle myself. I am not sure how I could take in all the bureaucratic BS […]

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Jul 03 2008

Paranoid Liberal Myth Of The Day: Who Owns Your Phone’s Location?

Our question of the day is: who does the ‘fear mongering’ and who is doing security and protection for the nation? (Updated Below) The liberal media and their Surrnedercrat minions have been attempting to claim terrorism is a myth, despite bombings, public statements by terrorists, captured terrorist statements, and all those dead and injured people […]

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Jun 21 2008

al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri And Saddam Hussein Were Planning Attacks After 9-11

The SurrenderMedia recently misreported (there’s a surprise) that Saddam Hussein had no ties to al-Qaeda, when in fact the report the SurrenderMedia was trying to cover said just the opposite. As I noted at the time the analysis showed Saddam Hussein had long time ties with Ayman Zawahiri, who at the time ran the Egyptian […]

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Jun 15 2008

Time We Got Serious About Terrorists With WMDs – Remove The Blindfold From The NSA

(Click on the image to find out more about it). The liberals in this country need to stop playing games with national security. What I am talking about is they need to stop trying pretending the mythical dirty tricks run by the NSA are more important than the reality of terrorist states having nuclear weapon […]

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