Nov 12 2008

Liberal Petty Vindictiveness Can Be Very Dangerous To America

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What do the Democrats want to do for those who kept America safe from another terrorist attack on this nation over the past 7 years? Something no one would dare to predict after 9-11, that we could go 7 years without another attack on US soil. What is the gratitude to be showed to these critically important people we Americans owe our life to, and the lives of our families? The boot of course:

A number of influential congressional Democrats oppose keeping Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and CIA Director Michael V. Hayden in their posts because both have publicly supported controversial Bush administration policies on interrogation and telephone surveillance. One Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee said there is a “consensus” view on the matter.

Other Democrats and many intelligence experts, however, give high marks to the current cadre of intelligence leaders, crediting them with restoring stability and professionalism to a community rocked by multiple scandals in recent years. A government official who has closely followed the evolution in the intelligence leadership in recent years argued that it is important to keep at least a few “seasoned” professionals in place during wartime.

Obama transition officials, who have steadfastly declined to discuss the personnel selection process, said yesterday that no decisions have been made regarding intelligence appointments. McConnell and Hayden, both career intelligence professionals, interpret the Obama team not reaching out to them as a sign that they will not be kept on, intelligence officials said.

Indulging in petty vindictiveness is not a smart move by liberal democrats (of course using the term ‘smart’ with ‘liberal democrats’ is oxymoronic to the nth degree). There was stupid cries of dropping the ball by hallucinating radical democrats after 9-11. Their answer – do what they claimed Bush did, bungle an all important transition.

There is no rush here, and Obama needs to remember he needs people with opposing views to test and validate his orders, or else there is no feedback from the bureaucracy if he tries to execute a really dumb and naive action or order. No President worth their salt has only pandering yes-people echoing back how ingenious the President’s decisions are. A good President sprinkles his team with a range of voices and views and then selects which path to take. 

And he has time. He can work up new leaders if he wants. But if the dems rush to move these proven heroes out of their positions before next summer, while al-Qaeda is planning to test this President (his VP even admits this), that would be a certain recipe for disaster. My guess is, knowing the petty thought processes of liberal democrats, is they will take the risky path and give al-Qaeda an opening to test Obama like Bush was tested.

This country has gotten very use to the idea again it is safe from attack. Democrats would be wise to not allow that mythos to be shattered early and abruptly as they try to wave those magic wands and bring about Utopia.

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  1. GuyFawkes says:

    No it’s not, only in the mind of the lefties.

    If it wasn’t so sad, I would almost find your stubborn, willful ignorance, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, almost admirable. It really does take some will power (however misguided) to look at a blue sky and declare it to be green.

    and the left has become…..? I can tell you, it ain’t complimentary.

    You mean the people who will, as of 1/20/2009, control:

    – The White House
    – The Senate (with almost a filibuster-proof majority)
    – The House of Representatives (where the GOP has lost 52 seats in the past two elections)
    – Most state Governors

    I’d say they’ve become the majority ruling party, by any measure whatsoever. Meanwhile, those who share your views, and your lack of grasp with reality, have become marginalized and politically powerless.

    To quote the person primarily responsible for this: “You’re doing a heckuva job.”