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Aug 28 2012

How Does America Measure Success? – Our Choice This November

So far the GOP convention  is doing well.  They are exploiting President Obama’s unforced and terminal error on small businesses and claiming businesses are not built by individuals. We built our American Story. We built our company and employ people. I proudly proclaim with LJStrata “We Built This!” Main Street is going to rise up […]

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May 17 2012

Obama Is The Lamest of Lame Ducks

Note: Follow the link for the above him (click it) to discover and interesting back story to the Python Dead Parrot sketch. With his standing in most head-to-head polls hovering in the 43-45% range (a clear indication of electoral doom for any incumbent, but especially a sitting president) President Obama would be seen to be […]

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Feb 07 2012

Trifecta! Santorum Slams Brakes On Romney’s Coronation

final update: Santorum pulls the upset, wins all 3 contests handily. Romney takes a huge loss as voters deny his inevitability! Well, well, well. A very surprising night for the GOP primary race. It’s 9:55 PM and with 30% of the locations reporting from Missouri Rick Santorum looks like he is going to win big. […]

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Oct 23 2011

Occupiers Signal Liberal Failure By Being Complete Laughingstocks

I have to laugh at the Occupy “fill in the blank” silliness transpiring across America. Talk about your political tone deafness. Unlike The Who’s Tommy, these folks are truly deaf, dumb and blind. And I mean dumb in the intellectual sense, since they clearly can chant and spew nonsense. While the liberal left drools over […]

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Sep 28 2011

Obamacare Costs Rising Rapidly

One thing Obama and the Democrats cannot blame on President Bush is the cost and quality of health care. There may be confusion on who brought about the economic implosion (accept amongst those of us who know it was the loosening of mortgage requirements by liberals which collapsed the loan reselling). But there is no […]

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Aug 10 2011

Democrats/Unions Lose Big In Wisconsin

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This was to be the post I was finishing up this morning when our database went insane.  The original – now lost in the cosmic bit bucket – was totally lost. Hopefully this version will be as good as that one was.  Also, you should note a lot of improvements here since LJStrata did performed […]

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Jul 05 2011

The Path To Prosperity Involves Millions Of Measured Cuts

It took this nation decades to run our economy aground by following left-wing fantasies about government trickle down economics, all underpinned by bureaucrat and politician superior motives and skills. Seems so laughable now that we face generations of massive debt, along with the fact everything government tries to ‘fix’ is screwed up (outside the national […]

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Feb 11 2010

Obama On Path To Be Worse Than Carter & Clinton Combined

It really is amazing how the far-left never accepts America’s repeated rejection of their government-centric, socialistic policies. Each time they trot them out the American people hammer them at the voting booth, put in small-government conservatives and the country enjoys decades of mostly positive economic health and wonderful lives. Carter tried his command-control economic policies, […]

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Feb 08 2010

Obama In Serious Trouble For 2012

I am always amazed out how far some people will go into denial to avoid facing the obvious. Obama’s poll numbers are tanking with the liberal Democrats as their combined failures start to stack up. They are heading for a huge fall blowout, but it is by no means the end of Democrat misery. I […]

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Dec 29 2009

Senate Poll Shocker

I knew the Democrats were heading for political self destruction in 2010 and 2012 – but I had no idea it was going to be this bad. Here is the latest Rasmussen poll for the Nebraska Senate seat held by long time incumbent Ben Nelson (D): Dave Heineman (R) 61% Ben Nelson (D) 30% Some […]

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