Sep 28 2011

Obamacare Costs Rising Rapidly

One thing Obama and the Democrats cannot blame on President Bush is the cost and quality of health care. There may be confusion on who brought about the economic implosion (accept amongst those of us who know it was the loosening of mortgage requirements by liberals which collapsed the loan reselling). But there is no doubt whose name is now attached to health care.

President Obama.

And even though health care costs are more dynamic than any government program can control, President Obama and the Democrats made promises to America when they crammed their socialist nonsense down our throats against our wishes. As many have noted, the spark that ignited the voter backlash against the left that we have seen since the fall of 2009 was Obamacare.

As with the Democrats’ Keynesian nonsense with the stimulus bill and its promises of a better economy, Obamacare’s promise of lowered health care has turned out to be another false hope no one can believe in anymore:

The cost of health insurance has surged in the US this year, according to a survey of employers, dealing a blow to claims by the Obama administration that healthcare legislation introduced last year would curb costs.Insurance premiums for family health benefits in 2011 jumped 9 per cent from a year ago to $15,073, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. That represented a sharp acceleration from 2010, when premiums rose by a modest 3 per cent, and easily outpaced a 2 per cent rise in wages.

Wages have shrunk during the prolonged recession, but Obamacare has increased costs so much that the net result is much, much worse for families. If a 3% rise in 2010 outpaced earnings, then the current 9% rise is killing America’s family budgets. Is it any wonder?

First off, Obamacare expands coverage to those who cannot afford it – which means everyone else pays more to fill the gap. Then, Obamacare adds lots of procedures as standard, making it impossible to tailor plans to meet budgets. A myriad of new regulations are adding significant paperwork overhead and, finally, taxes were levied on elements of the health care and medical market to raise money.

What fools did not think adding people, eliminating tailored and slimmed down plans, adding taxes and adding regulatory overhead was going to reduce costs! Come on people – stop day dreaming.

And this is all with massive waivers in place for a few thousand companies representing tens of thousands of employees. Waivers set to end soon.

Obamacare’s costs are not something Dems can spin or point blame away from. Along with everything else going on, Obama’s naive reliance on foolish liberal fantasies about big-government solutions has produced his current political situation.

What this means is right now, based on the data of a respected Democratic pollster, Democrats would — if the election were held today — suffer a wipeout that makes what happened to them in 2010 look like a walk in the park. And things are likely to get worse, not better, as the months roll on.

He was so smitten by liberal policies that it never dawned on him that if they all failed – which they have – he and the left would be marked as failure in perpetuity.


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4 Responses to “Obamacare Costs Rising Rapidly”

  1. WWS says:

    This isn’t a bug, this is a Feature.

    Understand this single point and everything else that’s happened starts to make sense. This bill was *designed* to crash the system, and once the rest is crashed the only option left, by default, will be single payer, AKA National Health Service. Some may recognize this as a targeted Cloward-Piven plan.

    It was not meant to work; it was NEVER meant to work.

    got’s to destroy da old to makes way for da new.

  2. oneal lane says:

    Do not count on Romney to eliminate Obamacare. Once on office, whe will discover that it only needs tweeking.

    With politicians, do not judge them on what they say, but what they have done.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    Good to see how the numbers compare to the increase percentage based on time. I tried to argue that ObamaCare will raise our premiums and get back from the left, “So what? The premiums have been going up anyway. They’re gonna go up anyway.” My response is that Obama promised US that our premiums would not go up. That stopped the argument but never their minds.

    I also tried to argue how bad the single payer, government led health care will be bad for our country. The left want it so bad. So this argument doesn’t do anything.

    Thirdly, the left tries to argue that the repeal of ObamaCare brings us back to status quo and they did not want the status quo. why? Because status quo means that the prices and premiums will go up and they didn’t want it.

    GRRRR!!!! Can never win anything when arguing with the left. And they’ll be perfectly happy with the collapse.

    I hope Romney will not get the nomination. I hope Chris Christie does not run. I don’t think Palin should run. I’m dismayed at Roy Blunt trying to work the Senate Republicans to endorse Romney.

    BTW, wws, are you aware of the Texas laws equating humans as animals? Is this whole thing true????

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Also remember the Secretary of HHS Sebelius,former governor closely joined at the hip with a abortion doctor who was killed,used the powers given to her in the bill to step on the necks of insurers raising rates and we still got this much of an increase.

    Imagine what they would have been without her intervention.

    For a very long time government has been removing more and more people from the risk pool for insurance by gathering them in to government run programs.

    States have also caused massive issues with their must carry provisions.

    Throwing people into exchanges will reduce the risk pool even more and the health insurance industry as we know it will be totally changed.

    As I see it about the only real need for government health care may be the military hospital system and that is because of how it is linked to our national defense which is one of the enumerated powers in the constitution.

    Any more than that is pure over reach.