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Oct 21 2016

Florida Early Voting Data Shows GOP Ahead Of 2012

In Obama’s 2012 reelection the Democrats produced more “early voting” ballots in Florida than the GOP did (obviously these are not votes for a candidate, but simply ballots by party ID). They led the GOP by 3% last cycle. Florida Votes: 4.3 million Democrats: 43% Republicans: 40% That edge in early voting no doubt helped […]

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Oct 21 2016

10_21_16 General Election Polls: Tied, With Small Trend For Trump

Another day closer to the election, another quick look at the General Election polls and where they may be heading.  As with the prior three days, we are looking at the vote totals for Clinton and Trump in today’s polls (10/21/16): HRC averaging 42% Trump averaging 42.5% Difference 0.5% (Trump) Today there is no change […]

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