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Nov 05 2013

GOP Surprise In VA?

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I have been quietly optimistic Ken Cuccinelli would pull an upset today. McCauliffe is too much the political hack for most people’s taste. Even in Northern Virginia. And Virginia is purple, it stays out of the fringes (e.g., When Dem Chuck Robb beat GOP candidate Olly North). Some good and bad signs already are appearing […]

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Nov 05 2013

ObamaCare Implosion: Pay Much More, Get Much Less

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Alternate Title: There Always Was Going To Be Death Panels Watching liberal, activist government crash and burn on Obamacare is both laughable and sad. Laughable because of all the snake oil people fell for because they want hand outs. Sad, because the lesson to be learned here will be painful, and may even be deadly. […]

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