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Jan 02 2013

GOP Is A Doomed Party, It Has No Meaning, No Purpose

Last night the nation was left without a political party to protect its long term financial interests. Faced with a chance to stop the generational theft by DC and its greedy, incompetent, robotic need to waste money, the GOP caved.  Don’t blame Speaker Boehner alone, but blame every ‘conservative’ who prostituted their core beliefs to […]

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Jan 01 2013

Make America (And Congress) Pay Their Bills – Stop Congress From “Fixing” Their Financial Mess

This nation cannot afford to continue the madness of runaway deficit spending. If you want to see a real fiscal cliff, one that will take this entire nation down for future generations to come, look at THIS cliff – the National Debt cliff: This the real fiscal cliff. Not the Clinton-era tax rates we paid […]

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