Jan 02 2013

GOP Is A Doomed Party, It Has No Meaning, No Purpose

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Last night the nation was left without a political party to protect its long term financial interests. Faced with a chance to stop the generational theft by DC and its greedy, incompetent, robotic need to waste money, the GOP caved.  Don’t blame Speaker Boehner alone, but blame every ‘conservative’ who prostituted their core beliefs to avoid political fallout by forcing voters to pay for their decisions and foot the bill – now.

The mindless belief voters (or America) could not survive or thrive under the Clinton tax rates is the epitome of ‘clueless’. What needs to end is the stealing our children’s futures because we won’t pay our own bills today. Instead of saving future families and generations $700 billion this year alone (and therefore ~$7 trillion over tens years) Congress just saddled us with more deficit spending to the tune of $4 trillion over ten years.

That is a net loss of $11 trillion to future generations. Assuming 300 million citizens over that ten years, that is a $36,666 dollars loss for every man, women and child – one devastatingly short sighted, panic-rushed night! For a family of 4 that is a $146,666 swing in your financial future. Below is pictured the cliff we decided to ride into oblivion last night, instead of the ‘fiscal cliff of ‘responsibility. The path the liberal media and liberal pols cried “Wolf!” over.

It got so bad even Fox News could not help but fear the reckoning on the path to sanity and responsibility!

So we now have two parties who are incapable of fiscal responsibility and respect to future generations. We have the mad spenders (the Democrats) and their pathetic enablers (the GOP):

What is an enabler? This is someone who tends to be someone who’s actions make it easier for addicts and those who are mentally ill to continue doing the things [sic] self-destructive behaviors they do.

What we don’t have is someone standing up for future generations, those who will force the spending addicts to pay their way. The only way forward now is to push out the enablers and bring in some adult supervision. Goodbye GOP – you have proved that is not you.

Update: Hotair rightfully calls this a ‘crap sandwich’

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  1. dbostan says:

    This is what I have been saying, more and more often and louder, even since the last days of the Bush the 2nd.