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Sep 28 2010

How Big Is That Tsunami Heading For November?

I have never seen the like of this year’s election. I knew it would be brutal for the Dems, but how brutal continues to surprise even me. Jonah Goldberg at The Corner noted this PPP set of polling numbers which best summarize this year’s elections in their opinion – and they are jaw-dropping stunners (in […]

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Sep 28 2010

Seniors On Medicare Lose Their Insurance – Thanks To Obamacare

Update: National Review has a good recap of “Obamacare @ 6 Months” and how all signs indicate those who opposed Obamacare were right and the supporters of Obamacare were – at best – misleading: Two weeks ago, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to the nation’s insurers with a plainly stated threat: Either the […]

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Sep 28 2010

Obama Is So Toxic

If anyone doubts President Obama has not only wasted all his political capitol with the nation, but has also generated a huge wave voter anger for failing to make ‘the [unemployment] waters recede’, they only need to look at WI this week to see just how toxic the first two years of Obama, Reid and […]

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Sep 28 2010

Senate Races Still Boiling & Shifting (Towards GOP)

Update: As expected, Murray in WA sank back into the ‘toss up’ category at RCP because a new poll showed her only up by 1% over GOP challenger Rossi (48-47%). Murray is back under 50%, which means she is in for the fight of her political life. And with 5 weeks to go she has […]

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