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Dec 09 2007

The Left Wakes Up

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The far left has been a puppet of the propaganda from the liberal democrats for years. They have been cultivated and fed on scary tales of out of control conservatives for so long they have lost their sense of reality. They cheer for al-Qaeda to win Iraq so their hate of Bush can be justified. […]

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Dec 09 2007

UK Is Not Buying New NIE, Neither Are Career CIA Officials

It is becoming quite clear the NIE is not held in high regard in across the broader intelligence community – including those elements in Europe: British spy chiefs have grave doubts that Iran has mothballed its nuclear weapons programme, as a US intelligence report claimed last week, and believe the CIA has been hoodwinked by […]

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Dec 09 2007

Journalists Cannot Grasp Dangerous Technologies

Let’s face it, journalism majors are not prepared to grasp or understand complex technologies – especially those on the cutting edge of humanity’s current technology base. This is blatantly apparent in this story about the Iran NIE. Begin with the basic conclusion of the article, apparent in its title: How one man eased nerves on […]

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Dec 09 2007

NIE Defenders An Interesting Lot

While the latest NIE on Iran tries to come to determine the motivation and goals of Iran, Americans are trying to discern the same about authors of the NIE. We know some of them were very much against the Bush policy and were hang overs from the pre 9-11 days under Clinton, when a lot […]

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Dec 09 2007

Converts For Success In Iraq

The Washington Post ran an intriguing article of ‘reconciliation’ between the war doubters and war optimists (myself being in the latter camp of course). Being authored by one member from each camp the article demonstrates the political reconciliation possible in America, now that General Petraeus’ Surge as been able to create stability in much of […]

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