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Jan 17 2017

The Nation Deserves “Fake News” Media Removed From White House

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(link to graphic source) The Fake News Media is all upset about something this nation needs – separation between the press and politics. White House Correspondents’ Association President Jeff Mason said the group “would view it as unacceptable if the incoming administration sought to move White House reporters out of the press work space behind […]

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Jan 17 2017

Dems: The Party Of Melting Snowflakes

  Update: Apparently we have an avalanche of #snowflakes rushing for their #safeplace: There are now more than 40 House Democrats — 44, at last count — who have declared that they will not attend the inauguration on Capitol Hill this week. The number rose sharply after Trump tweeted Saturday that Lewis is “all talk, […]

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Jan 02 2017

A Stubborn Mix of Petulance, Denial and Projection – Dems Imploding

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  It is amazing how the left side of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC*) just cannot face the reality and depth of their failure this election cycle. The right side has been definitely rocked by the rejection of main stream politicians by the electorate, and they have a lot still to learn and more adjustments […]

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Jan 01 2017

The Movie “Sully” Tee’s Up Trump’s MAGA

  If you get a chance, definitely watch the movie “Sully”. Not only is it a great story of humanity’s ability to take on incredible odds, it is an amazing underscore of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). Bear in mind this movie is based on events that occurred in 2009, with the rights to […]

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Dec 29 2016

Lame Duck Obama Goes “Unhinged”

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President Obama seems to have lost his mind since President-Elect Trump’s huge election win. What most people don’t realize is much of what Obama is doing through executive fiat is pointless and easily undone. For instance, his recent land grab in the Western States does not just happen once he signs a directive: The White […]

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Dec 20 2016

Blood In Berlin & Political Class Obsessed With Merkel’s Future?

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In a classic example of “not getting it” the “news” media is obsessing on how the horrible deaths of Christmas shoppers in Berlin (many children included) might effect the political future of the idiot whose policies gave the murderous devil an opportunity to execute his carnage! The deadly truck rampage through a Christmas market crowd here […]

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Dec 19 2016

Donald J Trump Is the Next President of The United States of America!

Update At End As of 3:45 PM, Donald Trump had amassed 245 Electoral College votes to Hillary’s 120.  Trump only needs 25 votes to hit the 270 mark Even though this is similar, it could be antibiotic. This is wide with the studies of a such anyone in Google American where people about according dispensers […]

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Dec 12 2016

Translating Elitists’ Trump Outrage Into “Deplorable-ese”

(link to graphic source) I have hesitated on posting anything about the election or transition because most of what I am reading is nothing but “sore loser” dribble. It has just not worth the time to read, let alone comment on. As I watched this historic melt down, I have observed how poorly all this […]

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Dec 08 2016

In Celebration Of Les Deplorables!

I was going to author a post on all the left-wing nonsense over the transition of power and change in national direction, but decided today I would instead be more upbeat. So here is a musical celebration of Our Deplorable America! – ENJOY BTW One of the online antibiotics of this addition is the classification […]

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Nov 27 2016

When Your Credibility Is Shot, Shrill Claims Sound So … Dumb!

(link to graphic source) Denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC*): Heed the words of the Jedi Master! The past two weeks since the election have been mind blowing. To watch the news media arm of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) double down on their hate of Trump and his supporters is just sad. But […]

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