Dec 19 2016

Donald J Trump Is the Next President of The United States of America!

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Update At End

As of 3:45 PM, Donald Trump had amassed 245 Electoral College votes to Hillary’s 120.  Trump only needs 25 votes to hit the 270 mark, and one state stands out at this time:

Texas: with 38 electoral votes to submit.

So even if the lone TX elector defector does not vote for Trump, Texas will put him over the top – with a handful of Midwestern states yet to add to that total. Trump’s defeat in the Electoral College is now mathematically impossible.

Donald J Trump is the next President of the United States of America!!

And the left and the “news” media (sorry, redundant I know) look like a herd of Jackass’s.

Update: At 4 PM Eastern Hillary as 3 defectors to Trumps 0 (expect one with Texas). So her participation prizes are “winner of the popular vote” and “winner of the faithless elector vote”!

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2 Responses to “Donald J Trump Is the Next President of The United States of America!”

  1. kathie says:

    Let the fun begin! George Soros and Michael Moore are no match for Donald J.Trump….but that won’t stop them from trying!

  2. Neo says:

    Ultimately, Colin Powell got more votes than Jill Stein