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Mar 23 2011

Well, At Least Someone Knows They Are At War

Juxtaposition – a wonderful yet underestimated concept. Also sometimes known as “split-screen optics”. It can be really damning, like today. It seems the NEA is the only group in America actually at war – and of course they are at war with America: Though reasonable arguments can be made that the collective bargaining measures in […]

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Mar 23 2011

Everyone Is Fleeing Naive Obama’s Illegal War

It seems the world is learning what it means to institute military action under the umbrella of the “international community”, as opposed to the tried and true American-led coalitions we have seen for the last three decades. President Obama’s naive and lazy approach to this entire debacle has underlined why some real leadership experience is […]

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Mar 22 2011

No End Justifies Unconstitutional Means

America has lost its moral compass over Libya. I watched The Factor last night (probably for the last time) and reacted in revulsion as Bill O’Reilly made the same claim all dictators and mass murderers begin with – the end justifies the means. He went on and on about the Lockerbie bombing, a terrorist act […]

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Mar 20 2011

Obama Adminstration: No Clue Why We Are Bombing Libya

The Sunday talk shows are meant to be the ‘world stage’ were the reigning politicians parade around their reasons and rationales for current policies. Today, the Obama administration paraded out how deeply clueless they are on Libya: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, in a series of Sunday morning television interviews, stressed that […]

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Mar 20 2011

Obama’s Manufactured War Will Rally Terrorists Against America

It seems someone in the White House thought it might be a good political move to start a war against an evil enemy to shore up Obama’s image. An image which is in tatters due to his screwing up the economy and sending the nation spiraling into endless debt. And image being eroded due to […]

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Mar 18 2011

UN & President Declare War On Libya, Hide Behind Too Slick Verbage

What I really despise to transparent lies. While I would very much like to see Qaddafi out of power, if the UN is planning on taking out military targets in Libya then it should stop pretending and just declare war. This crap about a ‘no-fly’ and ‘no-drive’ zone being imposed through targeted bombing is a […]

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Mar 16 2011

Incompetent In Chief

I am, like a rapidly growing number of Americans, horrified by how incompetent and crass our young President is looking in the face of the historic natural tragedies unfolding in Japan. His first press conference on the matter this past weekend was terrible. He spent a few brief minutes spewing canned ‘concerns’ and then spent […]

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