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Oct 05 2005

Poll Shows Miers Support

Mark Coffey has linked to a poll which is great new for Miers and Bush, and a clear warning to conservative, whining pundits that are wringing their hands over Miers: Asked to rate Bush’s nomination of Miers, 44 percent of those polled described it as excellent or good, while 41 percent said it was fair […]

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Oct 05 2005

Miers & Ending The Partisan War

While I have spent most of my life following the partisan wars, that began with Clinton’s election and continued into the 2004 election cycle, I like many have begun to tire of the zero sum game being played out. And not because I am quitting, but because I think conservatives are winning – if not […]

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Oct 05 2005

Miers Confirmation, Civil Rights

While the conservsative base debates reactionary verses tactical reactions to politics, I will go out on a limb and predict Harriet Miers will win confirmation in the Senate by a 81-19 vote. Why? Harry Reid is on board with Miers and cannot back down now. And more here in the NY Times: In a topsy-turvy […]

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Oct 04 2005

Conservative Meltdown Over Miers

UPDATE: I was trying to write this comment on this site and it was saying so much clearer what I wanted to say in this post I decided to add it as an update. This is all inside baseball and egos to boot. To believe Bush made the wrong pick assumes either he is stupid, […]

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Oct 03 2005

Supreme Justice Miers

Welcome readers of the Doua Report at Salon Boy, did this latest pick for the Supreme Court raise some eyebrows or what!? I have been getting alerts from all sorts of places. The Washington Post has a good article on the selection. Miers, who was Bush’s personal attorney in Texas, was the first woman elected […]

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