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Oct 12 2005

Base Not Buying Anti-Miers Crowd

I have been arguing the Anti-Miers crowd had gone beyond where the base was willing to go, primarily because they have nothing solid for all their emotional consternations. Well now there is a poll out proving this is the case (through of course it is being spun the opposite way). Here is the poll Pew […]

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Oct 12 2005

Fall Thaw On Miers?

I had no idea the Miers nomination would become such an issue that it would tear the base from the GOP ‘leaders’, but I had forgotten a few things. First, in the second term of Presidents, the wannabes get really restless. They have had to deal with a very powerful person in the form of […]

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Oct 11 2005

Anti-Miers Anti-Climatic

UPDATE: I meant to address this earlier in the main post, but a post from Michelle Malking reminded me to discuss the sexism charge commented on by Laura Bush. What I really dislike about this rabid feeding frenzy is when a legitimate comment is made about SOME of the critics, and then all of the […]

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Oct 10 2005

Anti-Miers, But Pro Clinton?

Well I have to hand it to those anti-Miers types (like our friends at Redstate who find it normal to insult those they disagree with), they sure are an impressive crowd. With nothing but speculation and hypotheticals, they have discerned that Harriet Miers must be stopped at all costs. And in the Senate, their allies […]

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Oct 10 2005

Conservatives Losing Base Over Miers

Well, the chattering class and those ‘unique’ Republican Senators are rapidly losing touch with the base over Miers. What should have been an easy nomination for a gifted and well rounded woman has turned into a disaster for the conservative movement. The Washington Times does a great job today pointing out the rift between President […]

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Oct 09 2005

Banned From Redstate

Welcome CJR readers! I hope you take the time to explore the site a bit. In addition to my spat with Redstate, you may also want to check out my latest post on Miers here, plus I have accumulated quite a few earlier posts here. I sincerely hope you find the visit worth our while. […]

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Oct 09 2005

Count Me A DogFaced Loyalist

Ed Morrissey has a great article out today in the Washington Post’s Outlook section. He sees the Miers nomination the way I do in many respects. The president’s surprise pick to replace Sandra Day O’Connor has ignited a massive debate among his former loyalists, especially in the blogosphere, where I spend a fair amount of […]

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Oct 08 2005

Fanatics Killing Conservative Movement

My position on the Miers debacle is clear: the anti-Miers ideologues, driven by their irrational fears and wild fantasy scenarios, have become so fanatical they are killing the conservative movement dead in its tracks. Only an ideologue could claim that Bush looked weak in his selection of Miers, therefore it was OK to actually weaken […]

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Oct 06 2005

Miers And The 11th Commandment

I have not been impressed with the emotional outburts by conservatives over the Miers nomination. My most recent post (here) makes the point that the current complaints are all theoretical and reflect hurt feelings or doomsaying rather than real issues. The post also reminds conservatives that there better be a good reason to throw the […]

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Oct 05 2005

The Miers Test For Pundits

As anyone reading my Miers posts know I am not impressed by the emotional backlash from the conservative punditry. I have explained my reasoning here and here – and feel vindicated that the outburst is isolated to those too close to the issues because of this poll. But regardless of all this, a simple test […]

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