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Aug 16 2006

More Staged Photos

Folks, what do you think? Is this staged – a “made in USA” banner over destroyed building? Nah! And it is just a coincidence that there was another banner elsewhere in Lebanon! Nothing staged there. But could there be three of these banners? Of course – nothing staged about three banners. Update Nothing staged with […]

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Aug 16 2006

Photos Of Qana Site

EU Referendum has found the site of the Qana incident – which is not in Qana at all but a small village outside the city. Now how is it these reporters orginally called this an attack on Qana and a large 4 story apartment building? Did anyone check any facts (let alone photos) in this […]

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Aug 16 2006

ME War Will Be Back On Soon

I predicted here. long before one was in place, that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran had no interest in a real cease fire because Iran needs the diversion of International Community’s attention away from its nuclear weapons. I noted Hezbollah first violation of the proposed agreement here, where Hezbollah refused to stop fightin Isrealis still in […]

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Aug 15 2006

Hezbollah Defies More Cease Fire Conditions

Anyone still believing Hezbollah (and Syria and Iran) are serious about the UN ceasefire? First Hezbollah says it will not disarm and now it says it will not leave Southern Lebanon. Hopefully the Israelis are getting re-fueled, re-armed and ready to come back in since the UN is possibly months away from being able to […]

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Aug 15 2006

What Is With Israel?

There have been some strong and rightful complaints about Olmert’s leadership. He has truly been weak and indecisive. THE AMERICANS have lost faith in Israel as an ally. After he gave Israel every opportunity to win this war, even signaling clearly that Israel should feel free to go as far as Beirut if necessary, President […]

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Aug 15 2006

Hezbollah Defies Agreement; Syrian Connection Established

Hezbollah is going to defy the UN cease-fire, as expected. The Islamo Fascists think they have won something and they have no intent of settling back on their laurels. So Hezbollah will not be disarming as promised: Last night, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader, said his men had achieved “a strategic, historic victory” over “a […]

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Aug 14 2006

Faux Ceasefire and Faux Victory

Hezbollah has declared a victory after losing all of their positions in Southern Lebanon and being dealt a huge blow in terms of casualties. Few more victories like that and Hezbollah will be purged from Lebanon and half of Syria. Their ‘victory” is as real as the ceasefire since Hezbollah vows to attack any Israelis […]

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Aug 11 2006

Hezbollah Will Reject UN Resolution

Update: As I suspected, Hezbollah has set an unreasonable condition, which therefore equates to a rejection. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday the militant organization would abide by the U.N. cease-fire resolution but would keep fighting as long as Israeli troops remained in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah doesn’t want a truce, they want to […]

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Aug 11 2006

Green Helmet Man Busted

He is a rescue worker, he is a mortician, he is an ambulance driver and he is a statistician (giving out death tolls to gullible reporters). And it seems Green Helmet man is a director, actor and prop man. What lame excuse will the news media come up with now? (H/T American Thinker). The full […]

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Aug 06 2006

Mortician Source Of Qana Death Toll Figures

How many coincedences can one story have before the liberal media realizes what dupes they are? Bishop Hill has noted two sources where the same green helmetted man, who is seen parading dead children’s bodies around Qana and who is probably the ‘mortician’ from Tyre who has a refigerated truck constantly full of dead bodies, […]

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