Aug 16 2006

More Staged Photos

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Folks, what do you think? Is this staged – a “made in USA” banner over destroyed building? Nah! And it is just a coincidence that there was another banner elsewhere in Lebanon! Nothing staged there. But could there be three of these banners? Of course – nothing staged about three banners. Update Nothing staged with four banners either I guess. UpdateFive banners I am still not seeing the propaganda here. I can understand how the media missed this. Its not like they moved the same banner from place to place and took pictures or anything. And how could we tell if that did happen?

Notice in this picture the building across the street is flattened but the picture of Nasrallah is pristine with no broken glass – let alone dust on the glass! Amazing luck there. And this Lebanese flag was obviously planted for the picture – could it be by the Lebanese journalists in the picture? Is this a displaced man or an entrepenuer ready to make some mony selling mattresses? I’ll let you folks make the call, but he owns a nice Mercedes. Another staged toy in the foreground – clearly not intended to send a subliminal message.

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  1. mmatters says:

    Your fourth link needs work. Excellent point made, of course.

  2. AJStrata says:


    Thanks – fixed!

  3. mmatters says:

    Your site isn’t taking a trackback attempt, but I have linked to this post:


  4. Bizzyblog says:

    Mideast Fauxtography and Reporting Bias Update…

    A very small sample from a very large universe:

    The WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, known to most as the formerly Mainstream Media) give short shrift to Israeli civilian casualties. Well of course — their Arab-state paymasters wouldn’t …

  5. bobo says:

    Here are some more great examples (some of which have already been exposed)…