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Jun 06 2008

Michelle Obama Tape Rumor Actually From Fiction Novel?

This is way too weird (and convenient) to be coincidence: A major plot line of the novel is the presidential campaign of Democrat Jesse Wood, aiming to be the country’s first African American president — “Wood was handsome, smart, charismatic, and being mentioned increasingly often in the press as someone who could unite a twenty-first […]

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Jun 06 2008

Michelle Obama Tape Probably Exists – Why Is The News Media Withholding it?

Update:  Gateway Pundit has an audio tape of Obama blaming “white folks greed” for war and famine as cruise ships throw away more food in a day than starving children see in a year (complain to the government agencies which don’t allow left over food to be distributed, don’t go blaming Whitey):   Well, that’s […]

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Jun 05 2008

Not Going To See Any Michelle Obama Tape This Week

Clinton’s camp seems to have gotten cold feet on the Michelle Obama video.  I don’t blame them, most of us (even those who oppose Obama as he stands now) want to give Michelle and Barrack there moment in the Sun as they enjoy the fact they made history.   The video is not coming out […]

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Jun 04 2008

More On Obama Tape Contents – Johnson Steals Scoop From Fellow Blogger

Hill Buzz has a lot more detail on the content of the Michelle Obama tape with supposed rants about “whitey – and no Larry, it doesn’t have Louis Farrakhan in it as you insinuated: The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th – July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition […]

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Jun 03 2008

Will The Michelle Obama Tape Surface Tomorrow?

My feeling all along has been the much hyped video tape of Michelle Obama with Mrs. Farrakhan is too weak to stand on its own, or it would be out by now (interesting how Larry Johnson somehow forgot to mention the Farrakhan connection to Barrack Obama was actually through the wives Obama and Farrakhan). H/T […]

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Jun 03 2008

Here Comes The Michelle Tape – Right After The Last Primaries – Updated!

Update:  Sorry for the site problems – we are experiencing one heck of a Insta-launch today as we are getting links from all over the blogosphere.  Many thanks to all who linked here (too many to list)!  Hugh Hewitt confirmed the Beckel statements from FNC this morning, and mirrored my view this is not a GOP […]

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Jun 02 2008

If Hillary Suspends Campaign, And The Mythical Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video Became Public …

Plausible deniability – keep that in mind for the coming days and weeks. Clinton needs to derail the Obama Express somehow without the entire planet figuring out that her campaign and/or surrogates were behind the dirty deed. Right now Clinton has a great case to make for stepping into the breach to replace a damaged […]

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Jun 02 2008

Larry Johnson Has Nothing, Knows Nothing, About Michelle Obama Tape

Well, the much anticipated breaking news from mouthpiece Larry Johnson on that tape of Michelle Obama is out, and is pretty much useless. Remember, he is just the bullhorn someone else is using to scare Obama supporters to dump Obama and go to Clinton. His job is to weave tales of pending doom for Obama […]

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Jun 01 2008

Clinton Campaign Goes Nuclear On Michelle Obama

With the DNC rules committee job over and Clinton still not able to pull a hat out of a rabbit to win the Democrat nomination, the stage is now set for the Clinton smear machine to go into full gear. Spearheading this political hit job is Clinton supporter Larry Johnson, who two weeks ago first […]

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May 22 2008

More On The Michelle Obama “Whitey” Rumor

Addendum Below We are down to the wire in the democrat presidential nomination process and the Clinton’s desperately need to derail the Obama-Express. In what looks like another Foleygate smear job Larry Johnson, big Clinton fanatic and your basic political hitman, has re-affirmed the existence of a video where Michelle Obama rails against “whitey”: I […]

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